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It was an absolute privilege to be able to attend the last track party for the foreseeable future.

As soon as I arrived it was obvious how much effort had gone into this party and we were all greatly rewarded with a most excellent setup.

One thing struck me so greatly that I couldn't stop talking about it I was so amazed: I could see.

Unlike any other party I have ever been to, throughout the entire nigh of the party the lighting was so expertly set up that no matter where you were on the dancefloor or all the surrounding areas there was enough light that you could see everyone. There was no stumbling around in the dark, grasping for torches every 5 minutes, or being 3 metres away from people and not having any idea who they were because it was dark. The place looked absolutely spectacular with incredibly beautiful multicoloured lights all through the trees and across the dancefloor it was like I had walked into a movie set of a psychedelic pixie grove.

I usually can't stand parties at night as a rule because they are so dark and anonymous that I feel really isolated because I can't see or recognise anyone despite knowing that about 30 of my friends are all around me. The light was so perfect that you didn't even notice it, and that was the ultimate sign of its success. Every single person I mentioned the lights to kinda paused and went... hey! You're right! I can actually see! The colours and level of light were so expertly crafted that it seemed neither light or dark, bright or dull, plain or overwhelming.

Massive props to the lighting master!

As a result I spent the entire night and early morning buzzing around from here to there all over the party feeling totally safe and comfortable and the only time I used a torch the entire night was to answer a call from nature.

The energy on the dancefloor was constantly buzzing and evolving the entire party due to set after set of excellent and passionate music. Every set was fantastic, there was not a moment when I thought... oh, hmm. well this dj is a bit shit/boring/underwhelming/lame. It is really hard to single out a favourite as they were all such high quality, but I think red two really moved me the most, closely followed by meltdown, and I was delightfully surprised by S.E.T.H.'s music - it really showed what can be achieved when you have talent and positivity in you.

Having not been to a party since dragon it goes without saying that I was thrilled to be spending quality time with some really beautiful, solid, inspiring friends. I loved talking to you all, you remind me why I love you all and why I love the scene. I have to mention the absolute stand-out of the dancefloor who absolutely kicked the shit out of everyone else by a country mile and that was Ben with his outta-this-world breakdancing! Yes that's right, you all got owned by a 4 year old ;)

Massive respect to everyone who worked together to remove the obstacle that appeared on the road on the way out - that was really fucked up and you all deserve a medal.

I'd like to especially thank all those who drove me there and back. The driver on the way in did an expert job especially considering she was a little behind on sleep and it was also her first ever doof, and I have endless respect and thanks to those who bring me home safely time after time after partying all night and all the rest of it.

I am definitely sad that the highly respected track parties are on hiatus for a while, however I can say without a doubt that you ended on such a high note. Everyone involved in the party should be incredibly proud of themselves and you have my sincere thanks.

:killah: :dj: :love:
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That was so much fun!!

A big thanks to everyone involved, we all had a blast. The vibe was so similar to the last track party I went to. I love how you have to twalk down the track past every campsite to get to the dancefloor and back, makes for an interesting journey hahaha.

A short video of some morning action :mrgreen: ... 3600298173
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That was the best party I have been to in years, everything about it was perfect. The music was great, had the longest and best dance I have had in a very long time, great to see some old friends and meet some new ones.
Will be eagerly awaiting the next track party!
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that was a most excellent time. dancing was full of joy and many long not seen people greeted and hugged. all of whom are often in my heart with love. it felt a little like a school reunion but the one you always dreamed, not the real type. psycadelic school reunion - tee hee!

the moon was a goddess bathing all in light and the sun was her heart in flight. or maybe that was amber's set. is always great to here this dj - plays with spirit and love.

it was even a touch adventurous with the crazy tree action scenario. blessings to he bearing a chainsaw! a lot of manly action was a party highlight! xxx

i even met god. at least he said he was. i did mention that god probably wouldn't need to drink an energy drink. so a compromise was agreed upon - half man/half god.

thankyou and good travels to chief party planners!
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synthz wrote :
That was so much fun!!

A big thanks to everyone involved, we all had a blast. The vibe was so similar to the last track party I went to. I love how you have to twalk down the track past every campsite to get to the dancefloor and back, makes for an interesting journey hahaha.

A short video of some morning action :mrgreen: ... 3600298173

anyone know the name of the track in that vid? nice to see people rocking out to some different morning stuff :)
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I've never been more thrilled with a track party. its been an honour working with electric power pole for all of its 8 years and no doubt it's crew has been the strongest influence in the creation of fish 'n trips records. dj nazca aka miko blew my dancing shoes off with his selection of classic oldschool morning tunes in a style that few others draw me into their sets with and red two stepped up in serious style playing a genuine twisted twilight set of tunes so obtuse I didn't recognize a single track....very psychedelic!!!!

with so many parties promising festival vibes and delivering dark, massive venues with bugger all pure dance floor energy and all 50 sydney dj's. it was refreshing to experience something that was intimate but not small, well balanced in musical styles and run by ppl who handle the party like pro's. its no wonder epp is synonymous with consistent quality events and genuine records.

thanks paul, rob, dave, miko, shelly, markus, michelle, steve and all the other artist's, djs and punters who have made the track party series legendary.

also thanks to 'm' for the above comment, greatly appreciated :]
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awesome! i was on the door most of the night so i only got to see a bit of hedonix... but i still had a mad time!

any pics?

thx paul and especially thanks to marion for letting paul do this one ;)
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Some videos of this awesome night !

About the party not much more to say, it was just the best party I´ve been to in Australia and probably one of the best in my life. Extremely psychedelic ! YOU ROCK GUYS !!!
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What a blessing it is to be able to attend events like this one.

Many thanks to all involved, events like this are the core and soul of our culture. Beautiful people, fantastic music, divine energy. Truly a stand out event.

Thanks again
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Wicked videos Buzz!

I've got some pics that I'll upload when I'm at home (timeshared with nath thanks to SCIENCE!)
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well that was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! It was such a beautiful party with beautiful people and a fantastic vibe. It really did feel like a tribe coming together. The music was fanastic throughout the night and day, smiling faces everywhere, beautiful decor and awesome lighting!
Heaps of thanks to paul and the EPP crew, you really do know how to throw a party and I hope when you come back, you hold another one!
Thanks to shelly for the cake, it was awesome!
Until next time
:D :killah: :trip: :headphones: :clap: :clap:
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Wow what a great weekend, the weather was perfect, a little cold maybe but dry. The partial eclipse was amazing with the moon shining so brightly through the trees. I really enjoyed all the music...Paul's opening always brings a smile and Amber's set was magic . Am constantly in awe of all the very talented people who provide us with their amazing music.
My decision to stop work on the sunday probably resulted in my messiness towards the end and hope I didn't annoy anyone too much. I especially enjoyed the sunday night gathering, a dinner shared amongst friends followed by emptying the eski of its alcohol contents. Old friends, new friends made for a spectacular time.
I have finally finished washing all the dishes and am now deciding where we should hang our new piece of art purchased. ( truly amazing)
Thanks EPP for letting me be a part of the Track parties, you're the best!!!!!!!!!Much Love to All xox
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sounds like this was - as expected - an awesome party! the videos certainly paint a wonderful picture of the event. gutted that i couldn't make it to this, i can only hope that one day paul and crew decide to create a magical wonderland for us to play in again :)
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Sunrunner wrote :
...... gutted that i couldn't make it to this, i can only hope that one day paul and crew decide to create a magical wonderland for us to play in again :)

same hey ... and reading this thread is just like missing out all over again.
was there in spirit tho just as the beautiful spirit of all the powerpole crew
is always with me ever since we met. nice one guys.

wherever you go and whatever you do paul, marian and the cute boys-
you have my love and very best wishes always. :love: Xo
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excellente :atom: i had an awesome wkend, was good to catch up with everyone and the wingelo forest. Thanks Paul, Marion, mason and the whole eppr crew.
The whole set up , (lights), decor and infrastructure of the place was amazing, so neat and geometric, the fire places were happy, warm and abundant, and i think there was an unusual composure from the crew which gave ppl that extra feeling of (everything is how it should be), as apposed to turning up and the crew is still working to get started, come to think of it i only seen about three constructive things happen the whole time , which was awesome, no nerves or chaos were there, special it was, replicate you cannot . :D
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Seeing those vids.... oh....I really must get back to the underworld.... :(
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Thanks guys for another awsome EEP event! Great tunes played by all, lovely friends not seen enough these days, fully sick decor and pretty pretty lights, lots of baby holders! Very sad to know this will be the last one for a while, can't wait for next time :)

Paul, you rock, thanks for giving me the chance to spin some tunes for the first time in a year. You have been such a wonderful support to me over the years, always giving me the opp to play for you :dj:

Also thanks to My Queen of the OnionJam for the delectable delights on offer over the course of the weekend- I've been thinking about them all week, your food is soooo morish!

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thank you to everyone who attended track 6. thank you to everyone’s positive comments posted. it was great to see months of preparation pay off under shinning blue skies over the whole weekend despite potential metrological predictions of doom and gloom (i cant remember the last track party which wasn’t supposed to be washed out and i now have a handy collection of tarps).

i feel privileged to do doofs with a group of people who i have known since day one of electric power pole and who i am proud to also call friends. in particular miko (dj nazca), mason (m.da audio) and michelle (the one and only queen of the onion jam) have always been there for the cause and not only track 6 but the last 8 years of musical production could not have been possible without you guys continual support. thank you.

there is naturally a heap people to thank for contributing to track 6, but in particular id like to point out a few worthy notes; the artists bobret, hedonix, S.E.T.H, fracas, third drop reflection, nazca, meltdown and amber, all australian local products who i think let track parties be separated from the others. from my point of view S.E.T.H and fracas were most boogieaholic and ambers set was a great way to roll into the afternoon. all helper, small help does create big differences and all who lent a hand on the weekend. there was many acts of kindness which on my part did not go unnoticed. mason again, the sound was quality once again, m.d.a in my opinion is the best sound for an outdoor rendezvous, miko = dj nazca, all lighting seen at the party, 100% hand on help from the truck arriving to the truck departing and an absolute champion, michelle from saving me time and time again with a delicious treat. every one who came and contributed to the enjoyable positive vibe over the weekend, i really had no expectations so to see a moving dance floor and the people all around the forest sunday morning was neat to see for an old fart like me.

id like to thank especially the owner of one of the nicest pieces of land we have had the privilege to use, ozzy who is always open minded, always there to help, has not only accepted with faith me into his life but also everyone who has come to a track party over the last 3 years and who i feel honoured to call a friend. thank you.

marion. ich liebe dich

(cue fat lady) i really have enjoyed the whole process of creating and seeing the last 5 track doofs since may 2007 come to life, but i do feel as if a circle has been complete here. naturally id be a fool to predict the future or say that id never do anything again (life is too short to stop having fun), but if this was the last stand alone track party then i sit here content in how it ended.

but then again, anything is possible
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Incredible party! Soooo envious reading this thread. Track parties really etched out a place of their own in doof lore... I don't understand the secret sauce that makes the mere overnight experience so good, but it's a party I'll never forget and RIDICULOUSLY good by any standard.

Cheers! :killah:
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Just reading all the positive comments about this party makes me wish I'd known about it sooner and it wasn't the last. The lighting looks absolutely amazing. The organisers and everyone involved deserve high praise. Wish I was there.
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Really awsome party.....Many thanks to Paul ,Marion, Micko and the rest of the EPP massive. Had a really fun time playin tunes :killah: . Party had a really cool vibe and reminded me of parties back in the 90's (this is a good thing)
Paul better not hang up his hat yet.
See ya all at the EPPR launch party comin up in August...( :? Shameless cross promo) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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that vid is killah!!!!!!! :killah: :mrgreen:
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