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Nice work!!!

awesome party, really good too see 12hrs straight of live music, all of it plus the rest of the music was tight! the property is amazing.. so much good energy + kudos on the work that the crew did to make and shape a perfect dance floor area.. decor was spot on aswell vibra

thanx everyone for enjoying my music.. really loved playing the set, sound system was staunch :killah:

yeewww :!:
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agreed! such a wicked party and beautiful site...i had sooo much fun, i especially enjoyed all the hugs hehe

so much effort was put into the set up and it showed!

looking forward to more parties there!

thanks for a mad weekend guys :)
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Awsome party :D thnx to sammy , badger and con and all the rest of the people putting together this party together. Easy location and deffenatly a phatening setup , had heaps of fun playing

cheeerz all in invloved :)
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heya, can someone please tell me who was dj'ing during the day at about midday? a dude with longish black hair and a white shirt. enjoyed his set. thanks..
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set times are in the party thread, may help you

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