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Hey guys,
My friends and I are trying to organise a little bush doof in the coming months. We're not trying to make any money out of the event, we just want to give something back to the scene. I was just hoping one of you veterans could gives us some tips, hints, potential pitfalls etc. as these things always involve unforseen hurdles. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Don't set your expectations too high, especially for your first party.
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AdrianPsy wrote :
Don't set your expectations too high, especially for your first party.

I hope everything running smoothly isn't setting the bar too high.

I'm interested in things like, (off the top of my head) sound system pitfalls, what sort of equipment is needed as a minimum, how one would acquire things to provide shade and how to set it up, amount of water that would need to be provided (if at all?), time needed to set up, Approximate cost for running an overnight festival. Anything else would be a great help too.

We're looking at 100 to a few hundred people max.

We've got a venue in mind which is on private property (with permission) so that sort of opportunity seems too good to waste.

One thing that stands out is, would a normal power output for a house be able to sustain sound and lighting?

Any advice would be awesome.
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you can hire us to run it all, we have the sound, lights, power and decor.
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2nd17th wrote :
you can hire us to run it all, we have the sound, lights, power and decor.

Thats the easiest and cheapest way to do it, these guys are experts in what they do!
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In light of recent events (and more generally basic common sense) you might want to hire a security guard or two to avoid any further molestation and assault.
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Be prepared to lose money. There isn't much that's for certain in the world of Doof.

Location is a big concern, you say you have a private property to use but is that property suitable for a few hundred people and a big sound system?
If there are people close enough to complain about noise you will have the cops out and they'll want it turned down. We try to not piss off the neighbours as much as possible and you may be surprised by how far noise complaints can come from.

What have you got together already?
Do you need to get decks and a system for the party or do you have some to use?
What about decor and lighting?
If you think you'll have a couple of hundred people then food and drink can be a great seller, keeps party goers happy and healthy plus helps make back some cash.

Consider looking into a deal with 2nd17th. They really do have the whole set up and will get out there and do the work.
It depends whether you want to have a party or throw a party yourself. Either way I'm looking forward to more info.
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Make sure you've got a good waste management plan.
Remember, there's a reason why we doof in the bush. We must Respect it.
Maybe hand out garbage bags at the door with a flyer urgeing everyone to take their waste away. But its important to supply enough bins around the dance floor.
You'll find the garbage situation at the end will be one of the hardest things you'll have to deal with.
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What area is this property in?
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Just on a side note how much does it cost to hire folks to help set up a party? Also are they one group? A hunch of folks operating under one name? Just trying to get an idea of this :)
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make sure you have solid people at the gate etc etc (obviously!) - and if your people indulge in too many substances it will all fall apart very quickly (is obvious of course but you would be surprised...sometimes is seen as a way to cope but...i remember this one time, at fractal forest 3....) - delegate well and devise workable rosters in print. Make sure crew gets fed and watered and sunscreened - it's too easy for the organisers to forget about their well-being when busy. also, i like nourishment for party-goers at a doof, but that's just me...i see it as a duty of care - but it is a big job to run a food stall so people, again, who are stable, with sensible heads for food safety and all that stuff. maybe for your first event it might be a bit too much to organise however and prob not that necessary if pretty small. perhaps just extra water is enough.

good luck anyway! it's a great thing to be a part of, despite myriad challenges.
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...i remember this one time, at fractal forest 3....

me too... did a 17 hour fucking gateshift in the pouring rain, in winter, largely by myself. fucking. lesson: ROSTERS!!! your friends are unlikely to randomly want to help on the night. if their shifts are written down days before they can't wriggle out on you.
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Give it everything you can throw at it and be prepared to have no people turn up.. All the above advice is great guns.. Especially the bit about neighbors. Be sure about noise levels and those effects on the weirdos across the creek etc

Deco': Hire a crew of arty types to rig up a nice minimal thing. It will give you a great idea of the effort and time it takes to rig it up, so when you do it yourself you are prepared.. ask them if they will be doing their regular "stock" deco (as seen at other parties) or if you are getting fresh things people haven't seen before/much

Sound: You can hire stuff from djwarehouse if you wanna do it yourself. It's cheapish and easy to set up.. Ask about insurance etc. Ask them if they can set up various rigs at the ware house to blast your face with to gauge noise levels and to dummy set it up. Last thing you want is to open the box and find no leads or a a dead mexican refugee where your amp should be.. Hire the above peeps if unsure. They are veterans and will have it rigged and thumping on time.. Same goes for lighting! Be warned, they will protect their gear like an angry honey badger (as is their right) They are good too as they will monitor output levels to keep you from setting fire to the speakers or cutting the amp.. As well as having an idea of how much juice you can suck from your poor house.... that being said..... read on

Dj's: Are you getting established (or at least experienced) dj's? If you are hiring the above audio crew, make it clear what gear you will provide and what the dj's are bringing eg: you will provide decks mixer blah blah. Find out if you need to provide extra tables for the acts with keyboards, samplers, xylophones and strippers etc Try to have the acts that are setting up their own equipment on a separate table to avoid climbing all over the shop frigging around with cables etc..
If you are going to charge people admission, give them a good show ;) think about the styles of music each act is playing and organise your act list accordingly..

Door: Have good people on the door. Have one entrance point for vehicles so you can greet them at the gate and direct them where to park and stuff. Be sure to mark out where you want people to go and not go. Last thing you want is to have someone park in a septic tank.... Be prepared to lose money and NEVER NEVER RUN AROUND ASKING PEOPLE TWENTY MILLION CUNTY TIMES IF THEY HAVE BOUGHT A TICKET!! It is so fucking rude and annoying and proof of disorginisationingism. Good doofers want to buy a ticket! It's their show of faith in you so don't let em down! If you have your gate sorted properly you will have no need to hassle people.. Aim to break even. You are being paid in experience level up points here!

Be prepared for a shit fight/fuckwittery.. Someone somewhere is going to cause some mischief to themselves or someone else accidentally/on purpose. Find someone who isn't on the piss to calm things down/drive to the hospital, feed the walrus etc.. Could that be you?

Be prepared for the best party ever with more fucken stomping lunatics than you could throw a box of dildos at going: "Fwarken arggblhghghghbhbblblblblbbblll!!!!"

In short: Write a plan. Strip it. Write it again. Go outside and jump on a trampoline naked. then have another look at your plan and re write it!...
The "many P principal" may help: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance..
Then just fucking go for it!!! Just fucking fuck it with a flaming fist!!! Laugh smile and put it all out there!!
Have fun! And forget about stressing for people to show or too many people.. Ride the wave.
Post pics!
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My biggest piece of advice is 'Don't assume anything' It makes an ass out of you and me.
Dont assume you will have all the cables you need, don't assume that the drunk guys at the front aren't going to fall over the decks and don't assume that you will make any money. Its a tough game and there is a reason the big parties have a professional feel. The buggers have been doing it for a looooong time.
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@kidsonwizz. AMEN!
..." Well its a dirty job but someones gotta do it!"
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i say dont do it, its easier to get a bar and a few dj's to play. after that then try and venture out.

u also have to find a site and not use some spot u went to before, that is usually the hard work of anther crew.

you have a duty of care as a promoter plus a ton of other issues that are not talked about here. in a licensed bar the licensee is responsible.
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