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Hey folks, thought I may write up a review and get some others opinions on the warehouse series doof. Firstly the music went off. I loved the two different rooms you could vibe at in one and dance your ass off in the other. Good venue and easy to find, plenty of parking. A huge down side was the decor... It was literally a couple lights and a cloth muiral on the wall... For $41.30 per person entry I was expecting a lot more in the decor side and at least a boys AND girls toilet, or a toilet that didn't ONLY sale Females making us blokes look shady every time we went in.

Besides that great tunes, absolutely loved it! Stayed until it got closed down as did everyone else...

Just buy a few blacklights and put some trip art around the place you know!

Get a green laser..

A strobe...

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Hey dude, glad to hear you had a good night out!

As you said music was killer and there was only great vibes for both rooms.
I guess the down side of having so many internationals was that decor was left wanting..
With so much of the budget going to the acts it did indeed prove testing to balance the two. As it turned out the balance could have been improved! Note taken for next time.
Having said that the past two parties there and at the May st Warehouse had tons of decor and ample lighting... Although no internationals were present at those :)

So all in all a nice night of dancing, away from the hoards and clubs of sydney!

The highlight for me was Kindzadza for sure... i think everyone had the air blow out of them!

ciao till next time. :D
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when was this on? I was bored last night wondering what to do where to go?
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Maybe I'm just getting too old and grumpy but I didn't enjoy it at all.

I was surprised by the lack of decor and lighting and thought that showed less effort than budget restraints. I just think you can always find something to use for decor if you are willing to put the effort in and there didn't appear to be effort put in in that area.

The killer for me though was the sound. I found it hard to dance to the music because I couldn't hear it clearly. I did hear a couple of other people mention poor sound and spoke to a couple more people that agreed it wasn't quality but most seemed to be able to dance to it any way. I couldn't get into a good spot sound wise on the main dancefloor without noticing the sound from the other rig next door.

I left early, just didn't feel fun to me. I missed the good vibes others experienced, didn't really notice it from anyone I knew there either. Maybe it was just me not noticing?

My personal feelings were just a bit let down I guess. I wanted to hear some great music in a fun environment. I heard some great music that didn't sound right and I found it a challenging environment to enjoy. I drove a fair way to get to the party with my prepaid ticket, in the end I felt like I wasted my time and money.

I'm not trying to say anyone did anything wrong, just I didn't like it.
I have a hard time finding a good night out in the city anywhere. That one felt really cheap though, I understand big acts cost money but all acts deserve to have a good set up to perform with. To me that seemed to be the problem, there were the acts and the crowd but there was no party.

Sorry to be a party pooper ;)
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I've already spoke on lighting and decor in the post above so ill just respond to the the comment on sound quality.

The sound system was a brand new JBL PRX system. The main point ill mention is that each of the artists said they were happy with the sound and sonics its produced throughout the night. I guess that if a group of people with that much experience and expectation of quality say its good than that should be some indication that the system was up to the task. While its not a function one which would be great to have it fits the bill for the size and capacity of the venue.
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I enjoyed seeing plenty of people I hadn't in ages (interesting collection of some real old skool doofers/psytrance ppls there) and the BYO booze thing was cool too. KDD's set didn't do it for me like it had at the previous Tribe indoor or Tribe NYE that I also saw him at, but I'm guessing venue acoustics / sound system had a fair bit to do with that. Did notice lack of decor too, and let's face it, most people have banners so they could be gotten for as good as 'nix. :)
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Had a great time. Awesome venue. Pretty much a completely blank canvas.

On the decor side, was kinda cool to have such a minimal aesthetic... I felt it focussed the energy all on the music. I actually thought it was left bare on purpose as a nod to old school warehouse parties, but as has been said above saying cash is the reason is just an excuse.

Loved Prometheus. Loved KDD.

Sound was loud and clear enough, but acoustics weren't so great. Crowd was great. Munters aplenty :)
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End of prometheus set. sorry for the atrocious quality lighting was bad and I was too busy dancing!
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Loopus in Fabula

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