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Whomping effort as always crew to a perfectly balanced party of lunacy, ommph, bass, colour n gudtimes!
Ok how gud was.. plasmoteKK , kalya skintilla, goosebumps, phsiris, rhysasaurus, SLYTRANCE *,
sat night on d floor. what a balmy night :)
oh the squishy loves :love:
Tnanks chikens for the blessed feed Sat lunch . such a uniqua sharing event
Blue lazers that prismflected over the valley and lake..
steveies sophisicated art deco space loungeroom deco above dfloor and of course the winner !!.. SPRINKLERZ ! :mrgreen:
thanks to Jay for helping me save the snake (death adder) from the vengefull villagers that wished death upon him. he now roams free in the hills to live to hear another crunky bass freq though the land.

LOST >>> green LUMIX watrproof camera.. please home back to juju. pm me .
sorry cant share any pics now . camera hiding out. please help me
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My first doof and first post here, seriously can't see myself missing anymore of the Noisy Chicken events, absolutely loved everything.

Yeah we were sitting on the hill when everyone starting scaring the red belly up the hill, we had to retreat into the sweltering heat... All round good times
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A new standard set... A class act all the way. Beautiful, wonderful, loveable!

P.S. If ant crew found a Macbook power supply left on stage, please let me know!
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What a party. A lot of escapades and momentus occasions, it seems I witnessed one from the very beginning to the very end, so here is a little story about... BRIT ROB.

We rocked up Friday night to meet the rest of the crew already settled in. Once our tentus was erectus we were soon joined in conversation by a man only to be known as.... BRIT ROB. A lone doofer with a wife here in Australia who decided not to come along, BRIT ROB just wanted some company. He had a pretty chill[ing] demeanor, a nice enough bloke when sober, so feeling a bit sorry he came alone we welcomed him to stay and hover around our crew as long as he liked. A delectable character, he was getting along fine with everyone.

As the night trickled on we thought it was a good time to go find the L man. An idea BRIT ROB was more than enthusiastic to be a part of. We roamed the bush looking for the right person to help us out, but personally I wasn't much of a night tripper so once trouble struck finding it, my girl and I quit looking and settled for some nice E instead. This didn't stop the crew or BRIT ROB from going on the hunt, and hunt they did.

They found what they were looking for late into the night. Some skull/smiley's which could not have been more literal in print. One of my friends got 5 of these little things, which (I assume) influenced BRIT ROB to do the same, unaware that my mate had not bought 5 to do all at once, BRIT ROB did his 5 in all totality.

I was at our camp with the girlie and heard nothing of it until they returned. BRIT ROB was no longer with them but we learned of the deal and thought nothing of it at the time. We were having a ball just loving the vibe and tunes, and I was just happy my mates got the hook up and were back. So we partied on until the early hours of Saturday morning.

It was the time of the party where soft light seeps over the hills and the sun arises. Emerging from our tent we see.. BRIT ROB, and man does it look like he's having a good time. Raving about screaming non-sense, with his hands in the air running around like a coked up Cathy Freeman. Had he been partying all night? I could only imagine. He was a wild Brit all right. It was all quite funny until he started mowing down tents with his imaginary bulldozer. A classic acid freak out, not the first time I've been witness to such an act. We didn't know what to do! To go help him, or hide and hope he doesn't remember us and take out a contract on our tents. We decided to hide and watch. We watched him for what seemed like an hour or so, he was unaware of anything he was doing he was becoming a tad out of control. A couple vigilant doofers went to straighten him out, which I knew would be a vain attempt. He continued to storm about and carry out deadly hits to the infastructure of some oblivious doofers. Poor victims.

As time elapsed, and as poor memory serves, he seemed to be escorted either back to his lone tent, or somewhere else to just calm down. I think some guys took him to the lake for a bit of a reality swim... How did we get BRIT ROB so mixed up in this stuff we wondered. Were we the catalyst to this disaster we witnessed unfold? Little did it matter, we went back to bed.

Waking up after an hour or so we are relaxing and passing a couple bowls around, it's getting into the afternoon when we see a red hatchback approaching the dirt road near us. A single person in the drivers seat. My god, it couldn't be... It was BRIT ROB! He had a wicked smile on his face and gave us a friendly wave goodbye, almost seemingly like he had no memory of the events that just unravelled some time ago.

That was the last time we saw BRIT ROB.

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^^ good story, glad he was ok in the end.

One of the best doofs I've been too. Had an absolute blast.
The sprinklers were a life saver! As well as the feast and water.

Can't wait for the next Psyfari.
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Next time give him some diazepam instead of hiding and hoping for the best.

Much less carnage that way :idea:
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Up pix please! :atom:
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Merkaba2012 wrote :
A new standard set... A class act all the way. Beautiful, wonderful, loveable!

P.S. If ant crew found a Macbook power supply left on stage, please let me know!

Hey ive got a macbook power supply, was left near the stage. you will need it buddy.
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chickens your parties always amaze me! i was blown away by the decor for the stage (and the rest!), the idea of the dj/producer being the pupil in the eye was awesome! and the visuals on the white part of the eye...amazing...setup was nice and sturdy too so it was good to be able to dance up there without worrying about things wobbling/falling!

i really love how much effort you guys go to for all the additional things you don't normally get at a a group feast, trampolines on the dancefloor, etc

the only downfall i think was that there was no monitor set up on the friday night, and the speakers weren't anywhere near as cranking as they were on saturday...but apparently this was due to them being brand new? oh well...definitely made up for it on!

my fav sets were plasmotek and dark nebula....i actually went to bed just before dark nebula, and after hearing him start i jumped straight out of bed...didn't want to miss it! sounded wicked and the energy on the dancefloor was awesome!

thanks chickens/andy/all involved for such a fun weekend :o)
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agreed, this was a most excellent party!

i too felt like a new standard was set with the production values
for this one...the decor, lighting and of course paul's visuals were amazing :)

my set was one of the most enjoyable ive played for quite a while too,
thankyou :atom:

Noisy Chickens for the win!!!

:killah: :bounce: :killah:

side note: i think i left a little green plastic container with cds in it
maybe near the stage if anyone found it please let me know :)
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