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Epic weekend !

Nice site, although a little steep, but good for the legs. Loved the bellbird song all through the day.
Great selection of food and other stuff, mmmm bacon-in-a-cup !
Loved the sandy dance floor, nice work Sam !
Favourites were Onda, Josh Niyama and of course, the master himself, Zen Mechanics.
French Champagne and hors dourves on a sunny day in the bush with friends is really a treat.
Wish i could have stayed longer to catch up more with new and old friends. Next time !

Nice work third eye crew, thanx.
D-ANgel and Elliott
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:mrgreen: Lush venue, tasty beats, nice new crew to hang with and smiles all round!
So glad we came on Sunday- busting out the moves to One tasty was awesome!
Thanks for the vibes crew- loved it all :dj:
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