Sounds Psylli 2011

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.. RAaaddd party psylli boys!! Thanks Benny, Mr Steve n Stevie vibra for puttin the mad team effort for a sik line up. best Sunday stomp ive had in a while...
Had fun playing at the Chill tent, Big ups for Timmy who endured the epic 12 hour set!! playing to the trees!! they loved it. Oh and lil Bethany!
Best Sets. Shammie, Ahavamour, Psylicibe Vibe, Morsel and Alge!!
Thanks to all my squishy mates for the warm welcome home too!!
Luv ya gutzz psylli crew xxx :atom:
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cheers to everyone that came out and partied. big thanks to Steve, Stevie, Ben Chicken, Tom, Danny and everyone else who put their time and effort into this one.
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