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thanks and sympathy to praxis, but the all-to-late announcement of a 10pm bedtime on the party... and last minute changes to the lineup resulting in me missing the one of three djs i had to see... one of the others was sick (hope you're feeling better tim), i didnt hang about through sunday to check if tetrameth played, would love someone to confirm if he did or not.

a beautiful setting, great beats throughout the day. kudos for the three tiered outdoor dancefloors, how much fun we could have had...

but damn it leaves one feeling duped. is a sad thing to see what could be such a special party become just another blood suckhole on youth culture.

this was my introduction to the scene in se qld, and again i sympathize with the frustrations of the organizers. was there no chance of letting people know about the changes prior to the friday it commenced? or are uz that absorbed in your baby to see the contributions of punters that sacrifice so much in supporting these events, and rather lie or 'not speak the whole truth' to get people to your parties?

let's try it again someday praxis, looking forward,

dirty nickers
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To be fair to Praxis, it wasn't their fault that the 10pm curfew got slapped on, it was the tosser up the road who through a huge unscheduled party 2 weeks prior and subsequently a noise complaint was made, meaning that Manifest was requested to have a cut off time.

It did suck though, it turned an awesome Bush Doof in an amazing setting into a (still good) Music and Arts festival with camping.

Plus, you can't have Tom Cosm in a daytime slot, it just makes no sense!
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