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Hey just throwing out a big thankyou to Stu and the poly-sonic crew For hosting an amazing night.

Was a rather small crowd and the weather was not so great but it made for a magical morning on sunday

Was only my friends and I 3rd doof and we had a brillant night. Hello to all the ppl I met (even if i can only remeber about 2 names :) ) Some may remeber us a fairly young looking group driving around in a beat white galant :D. Had a great time meeting new ppl hope to see you at the next party.

Had a slow start to the night and got ripped for a bit of cash :( but the fellow came back in the morning and proved himself a good bloke (Always Appriciated)

I saw a few ppl taking photos if you have some please post them up as id love to see them.

Cant wait till the next party



Does anyone know which DJ was playing when they mixed bueatiful people by manson That beat was insane and we would all kill for a copy.


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Polysonic parties rock :)

Had a brilliant time as usual.. Alot of special people made it out for this one & the tunes where wicked!

Grant & Jah were probably responsible for beautiful people. They always play that track. I LOVE it... but I accidently fell asleep before their set & missed it.. which kinda sucked.

The party kinda rocked though. Loved all the fire!!

Nice work Stu & friends :)

Or should I say... Stu & staff?


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Thanks very much for the keen review, glad you enjoyed it :)

Alot of photos were posted on OzTrance, and I'll make sure they're up on the website with the next update :)

( )
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