[For Sale] Behringer Control Surface BCD-2000

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A DJ control surface with an audio interface - perfect for new DJ's looking for a reliable and easy-to-use controller.

The B-Control DJ lets you play, mix, and scratch any MP3, OGG, and WAV files; CDs; and vinyl records (no time code records needed), so you can, for example, mix a vinyl track with an MP3 track. The BCD2000 connects 4 channels of audio to your computer via USB and features high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 2 phono preamps to connect turntables, and a pair of scratch wheels for scratching, cue searching, and pitch bending audio.

The included Behringer B-DJ software or most other MIDI DJ software (Windows XP only) gives you powerful hands-on control over DJ mixer, player, and effects functions. More info http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BCD2000.aspx

I haven't even tried to install or use it as I purchased via eBay from a seller in Canada (I was informed it's a brand new unit) but postage took 2 months and I had bought a different mixer in the meantime. Comes with Software CD, USB cable and 2-pin north america power cable.

Will mail to wherever. Please contact me for shipping costs. Local pickup in Sydney available.

$70 ono.
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Check your p.m's :atom:
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Sorry - already sold via ebay. I only just listed it too.
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Was it lowered??! :shock:
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A good buy for $70.........

great Dj controller for ableton ect....why spend more.

I would have snapped it up and sold to one of my customers.....oh well...keep us posted before the ebay sale next time.
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Yeah, I totally sold it too cheap.

I bought it off ebay for $75USD but the shipping from Canada was over $100USD! It took 2 months to even get here and in the meantime I'd been scared away from it by user reviews, particularly with reference to MIDI mapping to anything other than the software it's packaged with. So, I bought an M-Audio xponent and am extremely happy with it :bounce: and cut my losses with the Behringer.

Hope you're well x0x
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