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hello jeannie!

i ended up goin with a toshiba over hp for mine in the end a cpl of months ago,
but the main reason for me was that my sound card is firewire, and so i needed
a firewire port on the laptop. Neither of the brands offered this, but at least the
toshiba's have an expresscard slot so i can put my own in, none of the hp's i saw
even had an express slot :P

so my tip is:
think about what u want to connect to it and what ports you may need.

hope that helped a bit, sorry i dont know much about technical stuff with relation
to these....
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Mac (Book) Pro with Logic 9 :)
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I have a Toshiba with one of the smaller 4 pin firewire ports on it.

If you need to hook your soundcard up by firewire make sure the laptop your buying doesn't have a Ricoh 4 in 1 chipset, my old asus laptop had this and I couldn't get the soundcard to work even with an expresscard. What you really want to see is 'T.I.' next to IEEE1394 in the laptops specifications but thats hard to come by.

I had a quick look at HP and they don't look like they use Ricoh, but it doesn't say what the firewire chipset they do use is. The Toshiba I have runs iLink which is sony's name for their firewire and that works for me.

On my laptop i can't run my wireless internet card and my sound card at the same time as they both use the same port (IRQ) to the cpu and cause dropouts on the sound. So I might end up buying an expresscard anyway, so your best option might be to do as memski says and get a laptop with an express slot and buy a firewire express card.

You can never have enough USB slots!

Also when i bought the Toshiba i asked for the downgrade to windows XP cd aswell, it only took around an hour to run and I was rid of the god awful windows Vista :)
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toshiba FTW....
Dont get a firewire express card....make sure there is onboard FW400 (at least)..
my 1c..
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Jeannie made the mistake of ringing me, and after half an hour of figuring out exactly what she needs to do with a new computer, she is now the happy owner of a 15" MacBook Pro.

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yeah but its so much harder to find all those cracks for mac vsts =P
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that was meant to be a pm. stupid me
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yeah i just got a macbook pro . they're the shit
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for the money u spend on mac u can buy 3 to 4 times better pc. :D
like dual quad procesor with 16Gb of ram and 3.2GHz or something like that and will run annything u want....
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