Fruity vs Ableton vs Cubase

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Fruity vs Ableton vs Cubase

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Hi guy's,
I am starting to get back to making tunes after a few years now.
I have a number of options open to me and i am undecided on which to use.
I started using Fruity 5 when i started a few years ago now. I gave up for a bit and have bought the new Fruity 8, much similiar but some noticeable differences. I know Furity and am happy using this.
I have heard good and bad points about all.
Do i stick with what i know or do i get out of my comfort zone for a while?
Let me know what you all think.

Peace out............ :killah:
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Use all of them ....together ...Bam!!
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Use what you know.

The most important thing any computer-based musician needs to know is what program works the way they do. Every major DAW program has a different workflow, which is why no one program is the best for everyone.

The more a program stays out of your face, the better it is. Once you can fly around the program's functions without having to THINK about where you are going, then you can get into the important stuff -- being creative.

The less time I have to interact with the computer itself, the better my creative juices flow.
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Brains wrote :

The less time I have to interact with the computer itself, the better my creative juices flow.

squeeze the juice !

yeah... so wen are we going to hear some brain juice?

on topic..

i agree with brains and fracas use whatever one or all each have strength and weakness... i like to rewire daws within daws using all of their strengths and non of their weaknesses!!!! such power!!! AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Does anyone run short courses or tuition action? I'd be willing to pay for a few lessons on basic use etc -In melbourne
also can you control traktor with just the mouse/keyboard like you can with deckadance? I'm having trouble finding the answers from the website!
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I use buzz,ableton,cubase & logic because they all do different things and have strengths an weaknesses. I wish someone would combine them all in to one mega daw.

buzz = best for effects and complex interesting routing of machines. There are 1000's of plugins for this that sound a lot more unique than the same old shit everyone else has in vst. Downsides, crashes like a bastard every 10 mins :) It's free too and i find the tracker style interface fairly intuitive (especially for doing automation, working with numbers is so much nicer than those horrible automation nodes/curves all the other DAW's use)

logic = for me, best inbuilt synths by far, really nice sound :) the more recent versions of logic allow you to save instrument/insert layouts similar to ableton effects racks, also has the best value for money out of any daw (besides buzz). Has much better cpu usage than Ableton and i can get almost 1/3 more vsts/effects in to a track in Logic.

cubase = best for chopping up, stretching, reversing, editing samples etc...really stable, everything is nicely laid out and easy to find. It's a bit 'boring' though. It also seems really popular wiht psy producers for some reason ive never been able to figure out, lots of people on isratrance use it.

ableton = if i were starting fresh id just learn ableton, the ability to make racks and macros etc really improves workflow which means after you have spent lots of time creating cool sounds you can spend more time making music. As a main workhorse it's out of logic and ableton for me, i find i am more likely to finish tracks in logic but thats maybe because until now ive only used ableton for doodling around and live stuff. You can do amazing things with abletons racks and the upcoming max for live is going to send it in to outer space :)

have a nice day
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I agree that if you're just starting out, the best thing to get right into and learn inside out would be Ableton.

I use Cubase, but I've been using it for...12 years or so, so I don't have to even think about how to do what I'm doing anymore.
But Ableton is one of those programs that keeps giving the more you spend time with it, with lots of little advanced tricks that reveal themselves as your skills grow. Or so it seems... And I just think it lends itself to dance music more. :)
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all those sequencers are lame...

this is where its been at for ages now:

:killah: :killah: :killah:
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LOL at the brick sequencer ! thats fucken gold..

And yeah i use logic and ableton. But unlike Dan im more liable to finish tracks in Ableton because i started with it and only just got into logic. But i agree the inbuilt synths are the bomb ! They sound really good. and i like the fact it has parabolic curves :) It's a + for sure. I just got Logic 9 and it operates slightly similar to ableton with the marquee tool being able to highlight sections and copy, slice, mute, etc. without having to pull out the scissor tool. To me thats good.

But yeah i think Ableton is just so easy to get into and if you get right into it your able to do some pretty insane live shit :) ITs mad fun.

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ableton :killah: :killah: :killah:
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Ableton :lol:
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I started with Acid Pro, then Reason, fruity and then found cubase which ive been using for about 7 yerars. Have played around with ableton and logic quite a lot lately but i'll always come back to cubase for the simple fact that i know the program really well and can get an idea out nice and quickly before i loose it!
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Once your comfortable turning your ideas into sounds it doesn't really matter which DAW you use, but like everyone else has said.
Learn your your software so that you know how to transform you ideas into sound. Not all softsynths are straight forward and not all layouts of DAWs either so it can get frustrating but hopefully; thats what forums are for, you have a question about something your stuck on and chances are someone else has been there!
Honestly don't use the fruity 'built' in's so I'm sorry can't help out there but the image line forum is full of like minded peeps who are always willign to help.
I'm a nerd for fruity.
*ducks the impending hurling of fruit*
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I'm currently using Reason 3.

Gonna be upgrading to Reason 4 + Record very soon.
Don't have much requirement to do live recording, but Record has a sweet looking mixer.

I've considering going the Cubase route, then running Reason via Rewire.
I'm gonna see how far I can go with the Record + Reason 4.

Everybody does say stick with what you know.
There's quite a long post on IsraTrance - ... ucers-use/

My only problem with that advice is it seems analogous to religion.
i.e. you grow up following the same religion your parents followed.
You don't actually know if there is something better out there...

I can't even remember why I chose Reason - I just really liked the look of it when it first came out.
It also fitted my budget back then... I've been happy with it ever since.

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I've never particularly liked FL - the interface doesn't feel very clean to me.
Personal pref... I know. FL has always felt like a toy to me.
Something kiddies use when they starting out.

Ableton Live looks quite impressive, but the loop-based features don't really appeal to me.
Maybe if somebody who knew the software well gave me a tour of it I'd change my opinion.

Cubase seems like the tried & tested workhorse.
Never used it, but it must be popular for a reason.

I am liking the look of Reaper... I think this might be the new revolution.
Awesome OS support - fantastically competitive pricing.
VST, ReWire & whole lot more... for $50.
I wouldn't mind taking her for a spin.

For me it would come down to Cubase or Reaper, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
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Does anyone elce know anything about this, and can anyone give me some more feedback about it?
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mjhassall wrote :

Does anyone elce know anything about this, and can anyone give me some more feedback about it?

Cockos REAPER is a seriously sick, slick DAW -- I gave it a good pounding in the early days, and it was (and still is) being updated, tweaked and refined on an almost daily basis. Whilst it has its own strengths (almost everything is completely customisable, more than Ableton is in some respects) the closest major-league DAW I can compare it to is Cubase (v3 and v4 especially). It's mindbogglingly small (it's also portable, meaning it can be run off a USB stick!), and the Windows and linux builds are written in pure assembly so it is stupidly fast. Quite stable, too. It's available for OSX, but development there isn't quite up to scratch with the main tree.

Def. worth a look.
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I worked with almost all.
But i think Logic is the best. Thats my choice.
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ableton live = live sets +building fast your track /set
fast working flow

cubase & logic for more production techniques in depth as u can edit the arrgement easy more then live

logic for the pluggins inserts especially delays are very nice

cubase mixer is d best for my opinion when it comes to mixdown

all of them have something ,, but at the end is up to your imagination what to do with all of them !

join this group on face book ,
and share your taught and ideas in here i m sure there is a lot to say

c ,ya
in the arena
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Anybody heard of SONAR 8?? theres this real sweet VSTI inside SONAR 8 called Beatscape. Its this really kick ass loop player lets you just drag and drop your loops in then converts them all to the same tempo then allows you to just kinda trigger them one by one. real easy to use. fun. yeah. :D
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