Pioneer DJM 600 for sale.

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Pioneer DJM-600. You know what it is.

I'm in Newtown, I'm not going to send it anywhere, you have to come and pick it up.

I've had it for about six or seven years. It's been sitting mostly in my living room for that time - I think I might have taken it to one or two gigs. It's in great condition EXCEPT the FX on/off button gets stuck sometimes. I can give you the contact details of a guy who can fix that for you for about $50 - I'd do it myself but I can't be bothered.

I'm asking $600 for it.

Email me at because I don't check this forum much - although I AM going to offer it here before I offer it anywhere else. In about a week I'll start advertising it on ITM and then we'll see..
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