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Well I know some of you haven't seen me at parties for many years, I have been working in what is like a programmer version of a band, open source titles like XOOPS from ~ Something I have noticed since throwing all the smacintosh and windows away and going with Ubuntu a form of debian, is there for example no silent cop like the ones they put in the road which is even in the physics of the machine and anything produced on it.

What we have found with Robin and a few of the other kids, they are safer on Ubuntu ~ it isn't like life long intellectual property digital hiv aids for children and yes of course definitely adults. In Chronolabs ( - landing page) we find and only embrace open source and our kids don't use the systems like microsoft windows and iOS from smacintosh, as it means even the monitoring systems that often and known to be written in even when they aren't active it still in the physics of the machine poll and rip Intellectual Property..

We are still looking for more Directors both Executive and None executive on the Chronolabs Cooperative we only have a skeleton krew at the moment as Robin Spratt (president), Simon Roberts (CEO), Max Woolrab (Chairperson) and Martin Ohlson (Managing Director).. if you interested get in touch, my whois is always in detail and accurate, that is how you partly make money online!

Also since the popularity of some of my soundbytes I released in archives on places like alt.trance and came back in stuff like Infected Mushroom, I decided to make more soundbytes on soundcloud check it out
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