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  • Getting bored with tons of indistinguishable online music services and radio stations which continuously
    repeat same electronic music tracks all the time?
  • Are you a real fan of electronic music who enjoys clubs playing such genres of electronic dance music like
    dubstep, trance (goa trance or psychedelic), house music, hardcore or drum and bass? Or do you prefer more
    quiet and relaxed electronic music like downtempo, psychill, chillstep, trip hop or deep house?
  • Wanna listen not only to the most popular commercial progressive house, trance (goa, psychedelic, melodic,
    progressive), dubstep and drum and bass hits, but also discover new artists and songs as well as listen to
    the best electronic music tracks from the past and potentially future?
  • Wanna listen to all kind of electronic music (dubstep, house, trance (psytrance, goa), drum and bass,
    hardcore, etc.) from a big variety of online music services and internet radio stations (SoundCloud, Mixcloud,
    PromoDJ, RealMusic, Digitally Imported, SomaFM and others)?

Psyself Radio (Electronic Dance Music Player) is here for you!

Best electronic music collected from popular online music services and presented to you as a unique personalized
music stream. Just select your favorite electronic music genres (trance (goa trance, psychedelic and progressive),
chillout (downtempo, psybient, psychill, ambient), dubstep, drum and bass, hardstyle, hardcore (happy hardcore
and gabba), rave, eurodance, lounge (deep house, nu jazz), electro house and electro swing) and enjoy the best
electronic music songs both from popular artists and independent and undiscovered yet music bands. Or tune in
to a radio stream and enjoy popular electronic music tracks and mixes from all over the world non-stop and for
free from radio stations that stream progressive trance, house, drum and bass, dubstep and all the other genres
of electronic music.

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