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Artist: Mr Bill
Title: The Designer
Publisher: UP Records
Format: Digital Download
File Under: Dope, Glitch, Dubstep/Grime, Electro, Funky, Midtempo, IDM
Mastered By: Fahad Black Samurai
Artwork By: SunInAquarius
Distribution: Exclusive


Track List

1. Rolled Oats
2. Chubby Bubby
3. Perfectly Peppered
4. Nourishment Nelly
5. The Designer

“The Designer” is definitely an understatement.

Mr Bill is Bill Day from Sydney Australia. You may have heard of him from such projects as Electrocado. His latest solo works entitled The Designer is a 5 part story of a crack head, plain and simple. Follow the journey of genres and addiction through the well known cycle of a pipe monkey. Don’t be afraid to let go, there is a little bit of junkie inside all of us.

The 4D Artwork was done by Jake (Sun In Aquarius) as most of you know the 4th dimension is time, when you stare into the artwork whilst listening to this music it is believed to create the effect of “timelessness” we also feel it represents the meticulously clean start and ending of this crack story.

This music is amazing! Here at UP Records HQ we have been struggling to classify it but all we know is this funky, squelchy, doped out crunk glitch is sure to make your ears happy. Bill has also uploaded a free Hypnagog remix track on his website, as thanks to the people that buy this EP. Get it intaya!

I will put the release link up here as soon as I have it. Should be today or tomorrow at the latest.
Posts: 833
Joined: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:07 pm

Posts: 833
Joined: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:07 pm

Already #1 for the week on Beating the likes of Tipper for this week.

Well done Bill!
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