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Fish 'n Trips Records have just released their second "official" album. It's also our first artist album from UK punkadelic guru's ATOMGRINDER.

Atomgrinder have been with FNT from its development phase and are one of our resident acts who simply produce phenomenal music that's hard edged, full power and completely genuine. Forget all that hippy bullshit.....this is psytrance as it was meant to be. Devoid of cheesy melodies, laden in stompy grooves that move your shoes and rich with production expertise. Expect a lot more from the atomgrinders as they chow down on a piece of the psychedelic pie not fit for bus wankers or those on a ego wank!

The album is available to purchase direct from ATOMGRINDER right here.....

Please buy direct and support the lads

if your anal tho.......and like to be one of those beatport junkies your gonna have to wait till the 30th of November 2010.

pre orders now offered at junodownload......

For more info and more than 3 hrs of tunes from other FNT artist please visit...
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