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BRAINCELL - Intelligent Being (Free-Spirit Records) out now!

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:19 am
by djprozak

Braincell - Intelligent Being Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

Also available in CD on


1. Intelligent Being
2. Sounds Bubbles
3. Discovered by aliens
4. Electrochemical Communication
5. 8 hours of madness
6. Different time level
7. Solar Wizardry
8. Divine Plant
9. Wormhole
10. Sea Foam


What does December mean to you? For those lucky southern hemisphere residents
it is all about summer, north of the equator it’s keeping warm and enjoying the festive season.

But for me the only thing that matters is the release of Braincell’s full-length album
Intelligent Being on December 1 and after that nothing else matters.

For those not in the know, where the hell have you been? But I’ll cut you some slack
and give you the run down. Braincell is studio monster Ralph K Ralph, working out of
the psy mecca of Switzerland, and Free Spirit Records is the mixing bowl that is sourcing
the finest ingredients from around the globe to produce dance-floor devastation.

Whilst those in the know already know that a taster in the form on an EP of Dirt n Dust
was released by Free Spirit Records in October and if you have a hunger for psychedelic
twisting leads and full-on driven beats like I do it will have left you satisfied but wanting
more. That wait though is now over and maybe you and I can go concerning ourselves
with other, admittedly less important, things.


BRAINCELL is a solo project of Switzerland based Producer Ralph K. Ralph has been
developing his unique style over the last few years and has built a great reputation
around the world with his psychedelic, twisting leads and full-on driven beats.

Starting in 1994 as a producer and DJ he founded the project RASTALIENS together
with his friend Jay. Their latest album "Back on earth" was released on Phar Psyde
Records in 2007. More info about RASTALIENS you can be found on their website

In 2003, after he moved to Switzerland with his wife, he decided to start his own
project BRAINCELL. The first album "Universal Language" was released on Glowing
Flame Records in 2005, followed by an impressive string of releases on various compilations
and labels. In 2007 the second album "Transformation of reality" came out and the 3rd album
"Frequency Evolution" was released in September 2008 again on Glowing Flame Records.
To date he has played on every major continent in countries such as Brazil, Australia, USA,
Italy, Germany, UK, Greece, etc. and received much praise for his energetic and emotional

live shows and DJ Sets.
Since 2007 Ralph has also producing tracks under the project name SOLAR SPECTRUM,
which represents the more psy-progressive & ambient side of his creativity . The debut
album of SOLAR SPECTRUM was released at the end of 2008 on Free Freak Music as
well as several tracks on different labels.

Braincell signed to Free-Spirit Records in January 2010.


All tracks on the Braincell - Intelligent Being album
in the Top 25 downloads on Beatport!