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its taken a while but we’ve finally got here....
electric power pole records is proud to present its new compilation album, `tech tales´

track list :

1. Circut Bent - Crazy Flaps
2. Muggie Dane - Asimo
3. Vacuum Stalkers - Tech Tales
4. Llopis and Ecco - Under the Radar
5. Disfunctional Disco - Agenda
6. Grouch - Spangled Drongo
7- Ed Motive - Front End
8. Tribalistic Society - Seven Breaths
9. Elektrosatian - Minimal Brick

mastered by charles michaud (triptych)
compiled by muggie dane

release, 29 april, 2011

‘tech tales’, the eighth release by Electric Power Pole Records (EPPR) takes a turn into the minimal electronic side of life with a compilation prepared by Denmark artist ‘muggie dane’ (rasmus joergensen), a.k.a ‘moses’ and one half of ‘bufo’. The result is a compilation featuring a selection of know artists such as Vacuum Stalkers, Grouch and Tribalistic Society plus a number of new artists in which we expect will be the beginning of an ongoing series of releases.

While slower in tempo than previous releases, the album continues to promote originality in musical hearing, its fat and chunky which is a requirement of any EPPR release.

Minimal, Electronic, Psychedelic, whatever musical box you would like to fit it in, EPPR continues to explore all avenues of sound, always changing, always different across the whole musical landscape with a nice slice of confusion to get you there.

Samples of tracks appearing on the album are available via ... 2&Itemid=1

and will be avalable via the psyshop

and, saiko sounds

have a listen and see if you hear what you like in our electronic offerings

Look out for updates very soon….
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hi everyone
electric power pole records are very happy to announce that tech tales is currently on sale and available from the following locations,


saikosounds ... sp?id=8741

goastore ... ts_id=4366

plans are also underway to provide for an electronic downlaoding of the album via our newly created bandcamp page which we hope to announce in the following weeks.

'tech tales' is electric power pole records first release for this year and we hope to announce a number of additional album releases later this year so look out for announcements...

have a listen and see if you like what you hear and by all means feel inclined to purchase the album if its hitting all the right ohh and ahh spots
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sounds really cool guys :) interesting fresh groovy tunes :)

keep up the good work
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