Routine judgement V.A. (up records) free digital release

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Title: Routie Judgement
Label: Up records
Release: 01/11/2011
Mastering: Black Samurai
Format: Free digital download


Thetasonic - Delta Wave
Melt aka serotone - Irrational Impulses
Jekyll - Confirmative Illusions
Timeframe - Positive Attitude
Serotone - Fibre Optic
Variant - Bring Sum Frenz
Big Foot - Religious Quantum Physics
One Tasty Morsel - Anti Sobriety Society
Fidjit - Retro Salad
Axiom Battles - 1984

V/A Routine Judgement is a free digital compilation by Serotone... It features up and coming artists from around OZ, in a variation of styles including Full-On, Progressive and Morning Psytrance...
Big thanks to Alex and Jangus for helping to get this release out there, thanks to all the artists for there tracks and for being patient on waiting for the release. Special Thanks to Black Samurai for the Mastering. Enjoy!

also available soon from soundcloud, bandcamp and ektoplazm
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there are a few issues on the website atm, but everything will sorted asap
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Please feel free to download this release..
download link is now fixed
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Nice work Benjewman. Great Free Tunes!
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