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Sonic Motion Records present :



Sonic Motion Records is proud to present the latest offering from Californian trance veteran, Deeper In Zen, which will accompany you on a foray both mesmeric and energetic.
This 3 track EP slowly builds with a deep and uplifting collaboration with Silicon Syndicate, harking back to the golden era of trance where spirituality was omnipresent.
The remaining selections are guaranteed to get you kicking up the dust, with swirling acidy lines, tight drums, and haunting soundscapes transcending the boundaries of space...
So be prepared to lose yourself in this breathtaking cosmic experience, which will hopefully take you to places as of yet unexplored..

1 - Deeper in Zen - Sacred Focus
2 - Deeper in Zen - Rezonator
3 - Deeper in Zen vs Silicon Syndicate - Beginings

Get your copy here : ... 1107293580 ... 082316-02/ ... ar-strip-0 ... ,16,17,9,2

Previews : ... cred-focus ... _focus.php


Artist info :


Catalog: SMRdigiEP015

Release on all Digital stores on : May 19th 2016
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