Psychedelic Academy Double Cd out now!!!

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Psychedelic Academy Double Cd out now!!!
Mixed By Astrix and Eyal Yankovich (HOMmega)
order your copy directly from Antiworld just emailing:

CD1 - Psychedelic Academy - Mixed by Astrix

1. Astrix 'Follow me'
2. Delirious 'Dance flow'
3. Black & White 'Geronimo'
4. Domestic 'Limited Addiction'
5. Chakra feat. DNL & Liquid Metal 'Atomic base'
6. Sub6 'Buttersonic' (GMS remix)
7. Psy Craft 'Computech'
8. Xerox & Illumination 'The vision'
9. PsySex 'New wave hooker' (Domestic & Pixel remix)
10. X-noiZe 'The sperminator'
11. PsySex & DJ Slider 'Tribal dance'
12. Dali 'Colors band' (Astrix remix)

CD2 - Academy Anthems - selected by DJ Eyal Yankovich

1. Astrix & DJ HighGuy 'Chaos'
2. Delirious 'Silver sky'
3. Cosma 'Nonstop'
4. Psy Craft 'Memory flash'
5. Xerox & Illumination 'Tribal Metal'
6. Astrix 'Coolio' (Infected Mushroom remix)
7. Dali 'Colors band'
8. Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson 'Ra he'ya'
9. PsySex 'New wave hooker'

RELEASE: 16 MAY 2005

With 'Psychedelic Academy' Astrix compiles his second UK compilation album, this time mixed live. CD1 features the cream of the Israeli trance scene, including killer tracks from Himself, Sub 6, Dali, Xerox & Illumination and more. Astrix manages to combine the psy trance elements with the clubbier end of trance giving him a more credible crossover appeal. CD2 is a bonus disc featuring an unmixed selection of 'Academy Anthems' chosen by the one and only DJ Eyal Yankovich, the head honcho of HOMmega Productions Israel's largest management company and record label.
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