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This album has been completed in true LPS style with no bars held on quality of production. Its not often a comp will cover a range of time slots and still have a distinct character of there style. The tracks go together so well you'd swear it was an album release.

LPS005 takes a similer story to LPS004 "Symptoms of Compliance" which made a huge mark on psy trance in 2005. It begins at around 128BPM!!! and Finishes at 149BPM so you get an idea of the range in playability. Each track has a cheecky LPS Distinct flavour that we have all come to expect from this Label with huge solid bass lines and super inteligent synth work the never seem to miss the mark on the floor. Due to popularity in japan I also believe this album to bridge the gap between other electronic genre, expanding the scene and captivating ravers and clubbers alike without taking away from respect they have earned in the psy movement. Nice one.

To sum up, this album is a valuble part of the LPS Story and should be part of all electronic collections. Well done, and cant wait to hear Scorb in June/July...

Keep your Eye out for the new RAM Album LPS006 in may.

Happy Dancing Darkfaction
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My copy, still wrapped in plastic, awaits a listen.

Should be more great stuff from LPS.

Nice wordz above, plus the mention of Scorb in June!! Fuck yeah.


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i enjoyed this cd very much!!! from first song to the last, i play it through at least every 2 days!! top quality install from last possible solutions!@!!
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