Sensient - AntiFluoro (Zenon Records)

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sensient tim
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Artist : Sensient
Title : AntiFluoro
Type : Album
Format : Digipack CD
Catalog : zencd008
Release: 6/11/06

Zenon Records presents the much awaited third album from Australian act Sensient. Following on from his last album “Pressure Optimalâ€
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yes zenon keeps it real (tres intelligent!)


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fuck yeh. sooner than i thought.


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oh god!


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Just listened to the snippets at psyshop and am really looking forward to getting it.


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this is one killer album. the use of sounds and atmosphere's has really improved, cant wait to dance to this!!!


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simon wrote :
, cant wait to dance to this!!!

already did at ARQ a bit back (a few tracks at least)......nice tunes ...a bit more energetic than previous sensient ....yet very nice atmosphere and soundscapes...
nice work tim......keep em coming....
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