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Doctor Spook here from San Francisco. My friend Varun from India also known as PARAFORCE is releasing his DEBUT album of gothic night time full power psytrance (really hard wild stuff).

I wanted to drop a line and mention this because it will be out on Psyshop and the rest of the shops of the world tomorrow...

ok! Cheers from San Fran and from Varun in India...

The Doc~ ... sp?id=7436 ... eepForest/


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Yeah, Spooky this is some good stuff!

India has the deep pchyedlic vibe in the tracks. Cool keep up the good work with this rockin Psy tune! Hope to here this at the parties, will really get the troupes pumpin.

Namaste Shanti


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:D yaa get the troupes pumpin mate !
congrats to the label ,god work every one...
congrats to paraforce ....amazinng work brother...
hope to hear u live some day...

congralations too all involved..


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:) yeah !!! paraforce definitly uniqe sounds and style.......keep up good work !!I love Indian psycedelic ..
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