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This months global drive I wanted to do something different, but not something I wouldn’t normally play as I have been playing a lot on beaches and times when full-on doesn’t reflect the mood of the atmosphere and time. So, this month I bring you some of my summer favorites, for you to play out at a groovy place that reminds you of how amazing summer really is.

Style: chillout-psy grooves with a dub flavor and drive


Floating groves - acrross the threashhold
url - the tune
Shulman - after the silence
madstyle - soundscades
entheogenic - kashmir day trip
Shanti matkin feat nils - elixir of life
dj distance - cyclops
Intoccabile - meditation
ed solo and skool of thought - rasperry dub
Dubsyndicate - dr. who
kuba - road to find out
Abakus - a whole new way of looking at the day
enterprise - eniac
url - octupus city
bliss - song for olabi
dj borna - celtic age
entheogenic - ground luminocity

Download - > [Click]
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