Freeform Human - Album Samples (Hired Goonz, 3rd Ear)

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About Freeform Human

Freeform Human is collaborative audiovisual project closely linked
with Hired Goonz and Third Ear.

The upcoming album will be released 1st December and is a one
hour piece of trance fusion music. Dj's will be able to jack into and
out of this piece of music as they please via 24 carefully placed cue
points. Music lovers will be able to experience the full journey that
an album should be.

Each album will be unique. It will be hand painted, signed and
numbered by the artists. It will be packaged in recycled materials.
If the album is a gift, let us know and we can dedicate it to someone
with a loving message.

The album will be available to buy online directly from the artists.
It will also be remixed into 8 traditional DJ tracks for online digital

Performance by Freeform Human features manipuilation of live PA
and live visual projections as part of creating an immensive
psychedelic dance zone.

The performance is available in 4.1 channel surround sound where
available. Hired Goonz performed in 4.1 surround sound at 3rd Ear's
"Random Instinct" on 13th November 2005 to rave reviews.

A 5.1 dvd version of the album in surround sound with a visual
journey will be released early 2009.

Freeform Human is now taking bookings for Australia up untill
May 2009, and The rest of the world after that.
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