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#1 Practice, practice pctice (as Cybes said)

#2 Know your music (find what style of music rox your headspace, then try to find the best of it). You can diversify once you get confidence playing to a particular time or crowd (indoor is different to outdoor :idea: )

#3 When you're mixing your next track in, try to watch the dancefloor reaction rather than the decks / mixer (comes with practice / knowing your musics) This way you can see if the journey you are trying to developo is working...

#4 (Most important :idea: ) ARE YOU HAVING FUN :!:


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no worries bro pleasure
glad u remember my Tunes !!

gd luck with your quest and never give up !!!




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records your mixes and put them online, you can get soem good advice, and even if it is negative it all works to providing you with improvement :D


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I think Cyberwlf mentioned it before it in a similiar thread, but disclogs is a good reference for cds, there are other more Psytrance specific databases online too.

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