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Hey there.

So I plan on putting together somewhat of a showbag of a album. Something where you can more than just listen to the tunes. Maybe a interactive peice of software that allows you to manipulate all samples in my tracks to create something of your own easily :) Something similar to what Tim exile did with his interactive album.

The name of the album is l'automne, being french for autumn(if you dont use a capital!). For inspiration toward what to draw, film? Some ajectives to think of would be:
-Good vs Evil
-Positive and negative
- Up and down
-Dark and technical?

I would give all track names but still working with them. Current track names for more inspiration are:

-Laid Back
-Ill Atmosphere
-Pineapple Future
-T.V Reality
-Reverse Concordance

The idea being when you download it, there is plenty to navigate through, making it more like a game and more to the point, really fucking odd and interesting. I think it's good to put the internet to work and create something alot of people can appreciate and get something out :) So going out to my extended-family sitting at home with weird and wonderfull talent's, please get involved, i will accept anything to go in the showbag, however ghetoo-sick and twisted it is.

Autumn track is on soundcloud to give you a idea of the tunes:

Drop us a line at ill get back to you, im no bigwig.

Peace - Love - Light - Humanity - Showbagz

kind regards
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