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GeneTrick is Micky Grinberg from Israel.
After Micky's experience with wide range of music genres like rock, jazz, and blues, while performing
as a guitar player in a local band in Israel, he decided he needs to deliver his own
perception of electronic music - a blend of psychedelic and progressive trance.
His attraction to psychedelic trance music started in 2007 when he was charmed
by the power and energy of this spiritual music. Now Micky is a certified sound engineer.


The "Bright Light EP / Mind Music" debut album from 2013 was an important milestone
for Micky and revealed GeneTrick to the psychedelic trance scene.
In February 2014 GeneTrick Released the second album "Design Your Reality EP / ON Music" ,
that reached the top charts on most digital shops.
His next album released in March 2014 by Synergetic Records - "Perception Disorder EP".

Upon Listening to GeneTrick's psychedelic visions of sound,
you will find that his inspirations gave him unique ideas and hooks for his music.
With his massive and pumping progressive sets GeneTrick contributed to the success
of a number of events in Israel and around the world.

Download GeneTrick's Press Kit here: ... %20Kit.rar

GeneTrick Facebook Page: ... 2652852372

GeneTrick Soundcloud Page:

Forthcoming Releases on: Plusquam Records, Iboga Records, Mind Music.

:: More Information & Booking Contact ::
GeneTrick is available for world wide booking.
To discuss your requirements, please make contact:

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