Quantum Relic - Nov 10 - 12, feat. ARTIFAKT (Timecode)

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21/9/06 - Reuters Report by Justin Formation;

Dimensium - The Quantum Relic

In a recent Press Conference, leading scientists at MIT in the United States have announced the discovery of a new element, Dimensium, which from initial studies, seems to defy many funadamental laws of classical physics. It is believed that Dimensium, with the popular title 'Quantum Relic' is the first time the an element's quantum function has been observable in our 3d physical reality. Rather than collapse in to non-quantum, physical 3d co-ordinates when observed, as most quantum phenomenon are known to do, the 'Quantum Relic' becomes the physical actualisation of as many of its possibilities as its observer is able to comprehend. Through its unique dimensional tunneling, it does so without disturbance of either the material reality or waveform vibration of surrounding objects, unless certain certain tuning procedures are enacted to synchronise the waveform vibration of the proximate objects, in which case, The Quantum Relic invests its properties on the proximate objects and allows them to explore their trans-dimensional potential.

The initial discovery of the Quantum Relic was in the southern regions of the USA, however scientists attention is now turning to the Northern New SouthWales & South East Queensland region in Australia, where there is belived to be significant deposits of Dimensium, and, in certain rural areas of these regions, Dimensium synchronisation practices already underway....

Polysonic, Mystery Machine & Subterran present:

Quantum Relic
-landcare & lifestyle event-
November 10-12


live set -
(Timecode Records, South Africa)

The Artifakt is a founding partner of South African based Timecode records, who pioneered and established the South African sound on the world stage. He has released two albums, both on Timecode, entitled Artifakts and Artifakts 2, which where extremely well received and noted for their freshness and originality. These, together with a busy touring schedule, have built him a solid following around the world. He has released tracks on Timecode, Nexus, Digital Psionics, Pixan, Afrogalactic, Sanskara, and many other labels. His dj sets are the stuff of South African legend, and last outdoor season he opened for nearly every major international that came to Cape Town. He also runs Timecode mastering, working on nearly all the trance that comes out of South Africa, as well as with local hip hop, rock, and electronica acts.

live set -
(Zenon, Melbourne)

Hefty Output
all original DJ set -
(Illuminati Recs, Melbourne)

Franny - (Sundance, NNSW)
Kaneda - live set (Polysonic, SEQLD)
CY - (Polysonic, SEQLD)
Paul Abad - (Subterran, SEQLD)
Repsycle vs. Mesq - (Gi'iwa, SEQLD)
foot-dawg - foot-e deep prog set (Biosine, NNSW)
Karmaceutical - (Harmonize, SEQLD)
Volt - (Polysonic, NNSW)
Rich - (3rd Ear, SEQLD)
Jole - (Loony Tunez, NNSW)
Chaotic Eternal - (Sillypsybin, NNSW)
Kromatix - (Mystery Machine, SEQLD)
Fungalicious - (SEQLD)
Undepsyded - 3 way vs. set (SEQLD)
JimME - (Mystery Machine, SEQLD)
kpt - (???, SEQLD)

... with the Market/Chill stage lineup still to be announced!

::Audio Production by
J&S Audio - MiniBlast

::Digital Visuals by

::Decor, Lighting & Shade Structures by
Virus, CY Productions, Psykadet, Mystery Machine & LauraLai

::Markets, workshops, food/chai/juice/fruit stalls...
(Market stall spaces are filling up, so if you are interested in holding a market space, or workshop of any kind please e-mail Stuart via stuart@polysonic.com.au)

Tickets on sale next week!

Location details will be available online closer to the event.
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OK people, who is interested in catching the Artifakt outdoors up near Brisbane?

I'm organising a road trip up from Sydney/Newcastle to this thing and I have room for one more person in the campervan I am renting from Sydney up to Brisbane. I'm taking a shortcut and flying back to Newcastle though! (You could of course choose to fly back to Sydney or wherever). All that you would have to pay for is half the petrol and to pay for your flight (or other way) back, as the rental is one of those dirt cheap one-way relocations. The vehicle has two beds - one double, one single, but only has seatbelts for 2 adults.


I have a vast array of music (psy of course) available for the journey and various contraptions available for connecting said music into the vehicle's sound system in case of lack of CD player.

The dates are:
Pick-up vehicle in Sydney Fri 10th Nov
Drop-off vehicle in Brisbane Mon 13th Nov (plenty of time to recover after the weekend).

Send me a PM if you are interested, or if you want to do a convoy from Sydney even :)


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If i could've gotten the time off work i would've come, but hope it's much fun! :D


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Last chance - anyone up for the road trip?! Artifakt outdoors!


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Check the above website for the latest updates, including set times...
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