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Sculptronic Habitat is a 4 week, interactive, ever evolving, exhibition of visionary arts, electronic music, global culture and cyber technology.

Experience a dynamic exploration of all styles of electronic music, featuring live acts, DJ's and drummers, together with CGI video artists and live performers in a totally themed and interactive environment, fusing many elements of organic arts with advanced multimedia production.

- Electronic music, live acts, DJ's and drummers
- Valve tuned sound systems
- Large scale sculptures
- Tintoys, techbots, biomechanoid cybernetic giant iconic junk
replica robots!
- Interactive installations

- UV banners and large scale backdrops

- Flags and decor drops

- Nocturnal optical lighting effects

- CGI visual projections and cinema
- Live art, fringe street performers and other random acts of
- Circus workshops
- Geodesic structures
- Fire twirlers
- Ultra violet belly dancers
- Artifacts market with art, fashion, jewelry, food and drinks
- Chill zone
- Much more to come...stay tuned!

CircuiTree is a creative collective - transmitting light to the community through arts, music and technology. If you have a creative element to offer and would like to be part of this project in anyway, all submissions are open for all kinds of artist, musicians and performers. please contact us through the website.

Sculptronic Habitat is a community based immersive arts and party experience and will become a playground for all of the local and global travelers and performers to gather and share their talent with a creative and interactive audience, enhancing the complexity of collective creativity. All local and travelling artists and performers who are in Adelaide at the time are encouraged to come and join in the excitement as this new creative centre of fun and positive vibes emerges and evolves. No doubt about it, this is where the party will be at! ...dressed best in your fun and freakiest! :)

Sculptronic Habitat will host 10 night shows over the duration of the Adelaide Fringe 2008, with many styles of music and entertainment occurring each night, so there's something for everyone! Check out the full program under events section now!

Come join us on Friday 22nd Feb for the Opening Night Party of the Habitat, with $5 entry, this will be a chance to experience a mixture of all the music styles, artists & events showcased at Sculptronic Habitat. Giving you a glimpse of what you'll be in for over the next few weeks!

The habitat is a free form arts and music event, an ever evolving location for creative creatures to express themselves and display their artform. If you have anything to share and would like to be involved in anyway, either with music, performance, art, sculpture or market stalls, please contact us.

Venue - 100 Grote Street, Adelaide - Check Website for Map!


Date: Friday 22nd Feb 2008 - Fringe Festival Opening Night Party! Come and party at the Habitat, be one of the first of your human species to experience the ever mutating collective arts creation and see what strange and fascinating creatures reside inside!

Two full stages emanating a diverse selection of global electronic underground sounds, exhibiting a large variety of music that is to be heard over the coming weeks at the Habitat...fat, fun, freaky, crispy clean and funky beats!

The opening night celebration will see all areas activated, dj', live music, fire performers, crowd magicians, spontaneous performance, open theatre stage, chill out rooms, lounge around spaces and a market area offering art, goodies, clothing and refreshments!

Setting the time wheel spinning in a positive motion, an opening ceremony will be held in the main arena beginning at 8pm, with both stages of music kicking off by 8:30pm.

Date: Friday 29nd Feb 2008 - Bean-About-A-Bit (Dub/Chill) The biggest, fattest, trippiest and funkiest Dub and Chillout event in Adelaide! Bring your own bean bags, sleeping bags, cushions and creature comforts, as the music turns to liquid and the vibe starts oozeing through the floor boards!

Bean-about-a-bit will see the Habitat filled with local and travelling, chilled out fun lovin groovers, lazin around, havin a dance and soaking up the positive vibes!


Dub, Chill, Reggae, Downbeat electro, Psybient, Ambient, Dubstep, World electro, Experimental, Atmospheric + more.

Date: Saturday 1st March 2008 - Hybrid Helix
On the brink of decoding the human genome, flesh will be made word, as the word was made flesh and recode the human future!'

All systems go, all areas activated! Expect nothing less than full blown party weirdness and freaky funky fun! Music will be an eclectic selection of tunes, resonating from both rooms! live acts, DJ's, performers, visual projections, chill out and much more...


Psychedelic, Psy-Trance, Breakz, Progessive, Electro, Finnish, D&B, Dub, Chill & Much More!

Date: Thursday 6th March 2008 - Performance, Space Jam, Magic, Circus,
Cinema and sounds!

A night of eclectic stage performances, circus workshops, acoustic/electro space jam, music, short films, docos, animation, flicks.

Check website closer to date for more info!

Date: Friday 7th March 2008 - Frequency Response (Techno)
Techno test the frequency response of all inhabitants, as the habitat resonates with the uplifting sounds of quality full spectrum audiology.


V-Agent, Catalyst, Demo, Marc Loc, Plus More...

Date: Saturday 8th March 2008 - Skin of Our Species
'We are like coral animals embedded in a technological reef of extruded psychic objects. All of our tool making implies our belief in an ultimate tool!'

Again, All systems will be go and all areas activated! Expect nothing less than full blown party weirdness and freaky funky fun! Music will be an eclectic selection of tunes, resonating from both rooms and through all dimensions!


Psychedelic, Psy-Trance, Breakz, Progessive, Electro, Finnish, D&B, Dub, Chill & Much More!

Date: Sunday 9th March 2008 - Global Beats n' tweaks!
A night for all those who are still riding the vibe from Womad and want somewhere to pick up the pace and dance or just chill out to live acts, performers, alternative electronic and acoustic world beats. A comfort zone to be found for all global inhabitants.


Live acts, DJ's, Drummers, instrumentals and Didgeridoo & much more!

Date: Thursday 13Th March 2008 - Live Experimental Acoustic & Electronic

Showcasing some of Australia's emerging and established experimental acoustic and electronic music producers. Pushing music production technology to the edge, you're guaranteed to hear sounds you never knew existed. This will be a night of weird and wacky full quality sonics!


eMDee (, Hyperspatial, Psilonaut, Zowzi, Cerambus, Yume & More...

Date: Friday 14th March 2008 2008 - BassDroid
Drum and Bass takes command of the valve powered sound generator. BassDroid is deployed to release subliminal sub frequencies and initiate sonic mutation of all Sculptronic inhabitants!

Sonic dynamics:
And guests.

*Full Line up available on the night.

Date: Saturday 15th March 2008 - Final Night Party! - CircuitGene This is the big one when all sculptronic energies culminate into one big party explosion! Prepare to be time smeared by the complex engines of creation, as we open the collective mind field and are propelled into reality. a reality much different than this one!

All areas 100% activated and all co-creative humanoid inhabitants will be effectively integrated with the circuit-gene; the most profound experience a planetary ecology can encounter!

International and interstate live acts, DJ's and performers will be announced on the website closer to the date. An experience not to be missed!


Absolutely Everything!! :)

Check website for the lastest updates on events, performers & live acts!

Join the Circuitree Mailinglist via website to get all the latest info & go in the draw to win a double pass for the Final Night Party 'CircuitGene'.
Drawn on March 10th!


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I would look for the article, there is nothing extraordinary in this.
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