In Melbourne for two weeks in August.

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Hey everyone,

I've just recently started researching the party scene over in your area of the world. I'm coming over from Canada, British Columbia for a couple weeks next July and August and I was hoping to check out maybe one party or so. I realize it will be winter and so there probably wont be as much happening, but I noticed you even have different types of clubs over there than we do here. The law in BC is that all clubs must be closed by 2:30am, and I know some places go all night over there. What venues should I avoid? Are there particular party promoters that are fantastic/are awful. I thought it would be a good to even get a basic idea before I left, just to see whats out there.
Thanks guys!

- Kate


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Hello Kate, yeah your spot on about there not being many outdoor parties around that time of year, but yes there should be a wealth of great club nights, Club nights are usually more spontaneous though with about 1-3 months warning so i would suggest checking here or other sites closer to the date.

I am sure there will be something big, and maybe something small but definitely something for all :)
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