[Syd] Perry Park Vic Bushfire Benefit - 22/2/09

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Well that was certainly fun, had a great time in the park listening to a nice range of tunes from chilled out to prog and then some. Would have loved to have heard Pawana's set at the end but alas I had a long drive home.

That REGEN rig was sounding awesome thanks to Sasha, the weather was perfect, and it was great to catch up with a whole lot of people. And Paranoid Pete went bezerk with the lighting, how awesome :). Big rep to tripy for the idea, and to all the others that helped with minding the red bucket and setting up/packing down. The best part of all is I heard we got a decent amount of donations in for the Red Cross. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.
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dear all ,

thanks to all who came to perry park last sunday ,i reckon was a blast
big thanks go to HAIG ,PETE for the lights and the hard working he didn t stop ,Sasha , Sharon ,Bindi. dj s and Australiens.net
ppl who help to set up and unpack (hope i didn t forgot no 1 )

i m sorry i could nt keep my world about the special guest ,was beyond my control he did nt show up no calls ,no warning ,nothing , had to keep going and at the end did nt effect the party at all

the point was that we manage to collect a bit more then 1,000$ that r going this week to the red cross for the victorian bush fire appeal 09 (thanks bindi)

thanks every 1 again for the support wishing you all the best in life

love ya all

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congrats tripy! :killah:
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I had few technical difficulties separating my lighting system from playing fisticuffs with the generator. Took me a little while to get out of work/op mode into fun mode, but enjoyed the music throughout, really enjoyed Pawana's set.
Went home for a well deserved rest!
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Much fun was had. :D

Cheers to the organisers :dj:
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hey ppl ,
did anyone found a passport by any chance ?

some 1 lost his passport last sunday in perry :cry:

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great great great party. Thanks so much to soundsystem and Djs
As always great sets from psyllium, rythmic sun, trippy...
That sucks for the passport... Just to cheer you up i think i lost my brain at perry park... if anyone found it pls bring it to psyfari :P
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Big Thank You's to everyone who helped out on the production on this little event: Haig re genny acquisition and delivery/pickup, Greg (Regen) re sound delivery, Pete of the lighting extravaganza, the guys and girl who rocked up early to stack up the big lego, and a huge thanks to the lads who stayed after to pack everything down. And everyone who picked up even the tiniest bit of rubbish.

Also MASSIVE Thanks to everyone who chucked their $$ in the big red bucket, We raised $1075.00!! for the Red Cross singed mexicans appeal:

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bloody awesome guys! :killah:
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