D_ROOT – ROOTART - Hadra Records - Debut Album

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D_ROOT – ROOTART - Hadra Records - Debut Album


1 Space Road
2 Far Far Away
3 RootArt
4 Follow the Truth
5 Interaction (Lunarave Rmx)
6 On the Road Again
7 Push !
8 Flying Around Universe
9 Fashion Corruption

Let your imagination wander towards new realms... Find yourself in a sphere where emotions are fused and unveiled, where melancholy confronts joy, desire counteracts fear. This is a world where sensibility is expressed in astonishing unknown spaces.
This universe, in perpetual evolution, will surprise you; it will illuminate whoever enters its gate. Take off for an expedition within yourself, a discovery of powerful and pulsating refreshing emotions.
D_Root opens you the gate of this new dimension in his debut album “RootART”. He produces a hybrid style composed of minimal influences and rampaging rhythms. Combining melancholic leads to a powerful atmosphere, this first album is the fruit of several years of dedicated work. D_Root succeeded in finding his universe. He explored it according to his emotions and, through his work, translated his discoveries in an innovative and unique energy.

Ref. : HADCD19
Sortie : Eté 2010
W&P by Aurélien Boijols, except Interaction remixed by J. Humblot
Artwork by D_Root
More Info on www.hadra.net
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