Subsonic Music Festival- Barrington Tops

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Cheers Scotty and everyone else who went above and beyond to help build this party.
Lush surrounds, groovy music, great stalls and yum food. Old friends came pouring out
of the woodwork, was so exciting to see you all again.
High on the list of best festivals I've ever been to.
Dub Marine kicked it! And the visuals on the mainstage were the best I've seen.
Thanks guys. Can't wait till next year :bounce:
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I agree Susan, it was an absolutely ripping party. High fives to all involved. Nice diversity of tunes and people - the only dickheads I encountered were the security guards. Big ups to the decor artists and the weather Gods too. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Will definitely be going again next year :D
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sounds like it was a cracker anyone got any pix? Sad to have missed it :atom:
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most amazing and memorable weekend highlights were the helicopter ride, Sola Rosa and the time I got to spend with someone special....

the food was delicious, especially the spinach and cheese pastries

the decor was amazing! my favourites were the 3 wire man statues and the mirror ball skull

having toilets, showers and beds were a luxury...i could have stayed there a whole week

thanks subsonic crew for a wicked weekend...looking forward to the next few :)
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