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This was actually a really awesome night :dj:

The venue was fucking sweet!!!! Really well laid out, plenty of comfy couches and chill space to relax in close enough to the dancefloor to catch the action but far enough away that you could have a conversation with people without shouting in their ear. Slick decor and furniture and a sweet clear sound system, really well done :killah:

Good crowd, friendly vibe, fantastic value for money at only $20 on the door, nice work all round :rainbow:
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Nice venue, excellent sound system and Dick Trevor's set was awesome. A great night all round 8)
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Had a great night, missed Basic as we got there late but Dick Trevor's set was excellent although I thought the system was little bottom heavy but otherwise a good night. Anyone know why the lights came on about halfway through Dick's set and then shut up shop? I thought it was open till 6am?
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Yup, great music, great venue...PA was pretty awesome...If they figured out a way of actually separating the Mansion from the Gaff that'd be perfect :p
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It'll always be Rogues to me... bro.
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Haha me too mate :)

I'm still call Myer Grace Bros too.

And CES instead of Centrelink.

(where's my rocking chair and shotgun?)
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