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*Official Charity Event for the Australian Heart Foundation

54 Guest DJ'S + Live Performances
...2 Stages
Fire Perfomances
Food + Drink Stands

#1 Stage - Trance & Progressive
#2 Stage - Electronica

*70 Hours* of pure life loving, melodic obsessed friendly punters
who are purely attending for the love of music life & to raise money for a very needy cause.

>>Trance Lineup Includes<<

* TETRAMETH (Zenon Records) Melbourne
Tetrameth is the brain child of Melbourne based musician/producer, Peter Hayes. Peter has been in the laboratory since 2003, cooking a potent brew of eclectic psychedelic progressive. Studying the art of music & several instruments from an early age. Making the shift from playing & touring in bands, to writing and producing in a studio was an inevitable and easy transition.
Tetrameth's sound has been quoted as "An extremely eclectic concoction. Cleverly constructed progressive, with an unmistakably organic undertone. The end result is a beast of its own."(Beat magazine-2007)
Peter is a graduated musician, with a diploma in contemporary music, & majored playing guitar at the "Conservatorium of Music". Tetrameth is psy trance at a world-class level, truly pushing, and surpassing boundaries previously set within the genre.
In April 2006 Tetrameth's debut album "Psychological Pyrotechnics" was released on Zenon Records. And in September 2010, Zenon Records released Tetrameth's 2nd album "The Eclectic Benevolence".

* SENSIENT (Zenon Records) Melbourne
Sensient is Tim Larner from Melbourne, Australia. His music is deep, intelligent, progressive and absorbs the influence of many other musical styles (minimal, techno, breaks, glitch, jazz fusion) He has released 3 solo albums plus many compilation tracks on respected labels like Iboga, Plusquam, Flow, Plastik Park, Tatsu, ZMA and more. He also has made remixes for some of the big names in the scene including Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger and BigWigs. In 2003 Sensient created Zenon Records which has now developed into one of the world's best and most respected psytrance labels. Zenon has formed an entire musical movement which has heavily influenced the Psytrance Music/Festival scene worldwide. Sensient has played at some of the biggest international festivals including Boom, Voov, Universo Parallelo, Glade, Rainbow Serpent, Sonica, Fusion and more. His 4th album "The Space Between" will be released on Zenon Records in April 2010

.Triex (RUFFBeatz) Brisbane
.G-Funk (Adapted Records) North Coast
.Multiverse (North Coast)
.OFFa (OFFAVision) Brisbane
.Timeframe (Twizted Lotus Records) North Coast
.Karl Sav (International DJ + Producer) Perth
.Rekka (Secret Psyde / Another Psyde Records) Cairns
.Ahavamour (Secret Psyde / Another Psyde Records) Sydney
.Yang (Secret Psyde records) Sydney
.Wormhole (DJ + Producer) Twizted Lotus Records
.Copyright (DJ + Producer) Twizted Lotus Records
.Dr Livingstone (DJ + Producer)
.Vile Delusions/ DLC (MMD Records / Secret Psyde / Another Psyde Recs) Syd
.Poseidon (Strange Arrangements) Sydney
.Space Channel 5 (Strange Arrangements / Solar Recs) Sydney
.Forrest (Another Psyde / Aquaminimale Records) Sydney
.NuiSphere (FieldOfDreams) <--- Birthday Boy Set
.LySergicDan (Familiar Vibes) Sydney
.Creten (3rd Eye Productions) Byron Bay
.Raemiel (Unsigned DJ) Sydney
.Run Rabbit (DJ + Producer) North Coast
.Jangus Khan ( UP Records / 3rd-Eye Productions / Secret Psyde Recs) Syd
.Dr Fil (SunDance) SEQ
.Satori (Triplag/Fish n Trips) Sydney

>>Electronic Lineup Includes<<

.L.F.O (Dubstep Group) Brisbane
.Bense (Gold Coast)
.Kuruption (L.F.O) Brisbane
.C-Rain (Unsigned DJ) Sydney
.RyCore (L.F.O) Brisbane
.Spinifex (Unsigned DJ) Brisbane
.zeRp (Unsigned DJ) Brisbane
.ArcJet (DJ + Producer) North Coast
.Deejay Isk (North Coast)
.Face Invada (Twizted Lotus Records) SEQ
.Analog (Executive Records/CuttingEdge Hardcore UK)
.Psytonic ( Brisbane)
.Chezaru (Brisbane)
.Apollo (Brisbane)
.KARL Sav (Perth)
.Run Rabbit (North Coast)
.RuBaLuB (Brisbane)
.Insizion (Brisbane)
.Dubcret (Byron Bay)
.The Lab Techz (Brisbane)
.DEMIZE (Brisbane)
.Digital T (Sydney)
.Depth (Brisbane)
.The Bytonics (Byron Bay)
.Keni (Brisbane)
.Julianu (Brisbane)
.Chubby (Newcastle)
.Pro-X-Pressive vs Mrmeanor (North Coast)

Charity Event for the "Heart Foundation"

Presale $30 - Please go to & search offarection
On Door $40
Passouts given

Profits are donated to the Australian Heart Foundation
April 15 - 18, 2011
*Upon entry you will be given a wristband & reciept and you can claim your entry fee back with tax :)

Venue is secured in CAROOL (15 mins west of west tweed hds)

There will be a COURTESY BUS Leaving SEAGULLS Club in West Tweed @ Designated times!!!

Camping is Recommended at the venue for no extra charge.

MORE INFO ON facebook.!/event.php?eid=123239301072715
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6pm – Offa
8pm - Run Rabbit
10pm – Hypalync
12am - Ahavamour

2am - Yang
4am – Vile Delusions / DLC
6am – Poseidon
8am – Multiverse
10am – Jangus Khan
12pm – Dr Fil

2pm - SENSIENT :bounce:


6pm – Forrest / Space Channel 5
8pm – Rekka
10pm - LySergicDan
12am - Yang


2am – Satori
4am – Vile Delusions / DLC
6am - Poseidon
8am – Timeframe
9am – Timeframe Vs Dr Livingstone
11am – Jangus Khan
1pm - Dr Fil
3pm – G-Funk
5pm – Forrest / Space Channel 5
7pm – Ahavamour
9pm - Rekka
11pm – Nuisphere


1am – Triex
3am – Raemiel
5am - Creten
7am - Hypalync
8am – Karl Sav
10am – Copyright
12pm - Wormhole
2pm – Humanoid
4pm - Close
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