How to utilize PHP to bring back the independence of the BBS

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Everybody knows that Internet hacks ripped of the original BBS Bulletin Board System & Zmodem technology that was around all over the world before the Internet, the earliest .com on wikipedia says 1985, but everybody knows this is a lie.

Obviously PHP needs to be hacked some more, for eg: imagine if you could link a message post location from another message board, that way message boards all round the world could share information from inside the interior of their boards. Linked message boards would probably rely on global password technology, otherwise known as a NUP, New User Passcode that would be shared between different boards, Most likely ftp sites will be used alot more as databases on the internet so as to store digital data & linking digital data like how you link a image should be easily achieved by writing a PHP socket for ftp using global NUP's, New User Passcodes, as data is updated on the ftp the php ftp socket will search the version numbers inside the compressed packets on the ftp & embed the compressed packet with the latest version number, why this technology ? So systems can evolve . . . Most likely people will use a number of message boards in the future as opposed to just one message board or they will search message boards all round the world for topics they are interested in. Overtime topics will be edited, filtered & updated by using embeded ftp links, topic lists will be able to be downloaded from other boards & search engines could search topic lists for keywords in boards from all round the world. Overtime boards will evolve & change & will eventually deal with academic issues, instead of the traditional science fiction & geometry.

I havn't tested this board for file attachments in the sense of uploading a compressed .zip or .rar packet so as to enable other users to download the packet. But I'll test it now. Limit is 256 kb, not much data can be uploaded to this board at all, probably on account of bandwidth limitations for the boards moderators. The file attached was originally called a bluebox, its not a war dialer, Internet hacks called it that . . .


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