CUBIC SPLINE – « Paradigm Shift » – 1st album - OUT NOW on H

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CUBIC SPLINE – « Paradigm Shift » – 1st album - OUT NOW on Hadra Records
Clément Bastiat and Olivier Richard, the duo forming the project Cubic Spline, are both audio synthesis fanatics. They developed this union through mysterious atmospheres and carefully crafted acoustic textures. Their project is at the origin of a very detailed and mental sound, which superbly combines the roots of goatrance and the hypnotism of dark psytrance with the prowess of modern production techniques.
Cubic Spline integrated the Hadra Records team at the start of 2010. After a first release on the compilation Hadracadabra 5, they released their first EP “Unusual Path” in October of the same year. One a half year later, the duo is proud to present their debut album “Paradigm Shift”, a dark psytrance tale depicting the story of a scientist reluctantly caught up on an intergalactic trip.
During an experiment gone out of control, Doctor 2C opens a vortex leading to a chaotic and primitive world, which will unleash a tormenting environment. He is engulfed in the middle of nerve-racking and disturbing loops to which Cubic Spline holds the key. Paradigm Shift is the original soundtrack of this quest beyond belief.
Official release: 11th February on Hadra Records!
1 - Dr. 2C
2 - Reality Shake
3 - Tequila Psytron
4 - Global Warning
5 - Out Of Order
6 - Paradigm
7 – Unpredictable
8 - Dark Symphony

Samples on : ... digm-shift

Ref: HADCD26
Release on : 11th february 2012
Mastering by Cubic Spline (
Artwork by Eric Lenoir
Distribution by Arabesque
Contact & Booking >>>
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