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Hey all,

I'm looking at putting together a show in june/july, with the hope of making it a quarterly event, one nighter, prefferably at a venue/campground or just out bush, not sure which yet as i haven't started to think about location.

More keen to see who's interested in the idea.

Basically it's a concept that revolves around the idea of music, sacred geometry and ancient cultures.

Priests of Heka will most definately be performing but there will be many spots for others

On a musical note, the event will be pieced together as 'the cosmic meditation' meaning that in the field of the music we are going to start of very dreamy and slowly build up the speeds until we go all out at the end. seeing as priests of heka cover all of these aspects we'll be performing the 'handover' from chilled djs and chill bands to the psy djs that will be bringing it home passed 1am (approx)

Basically I'm looking for performers, DJs, Live Set performers, visual artists, circus folk, decor, food stalls, i want to make this a lovely little sensory submersion event.

All musical performers will have to have a meet and great to liase on set-times and structures to make the whole 'cosmic meditation' thing work.

Best thing is, if you play lots of styles, that you can play more than one set, priests of heka will be starting and finishing the event and popping in every once and a while to play a tune, but to make things run smoothly we will all need to work together and workout the best possible set times for everyone.

At the moment all i have is the idea, priests of heka music and some props that i'm going to build for the event, so i'm looking for all the help i can find!

chat about it, lend me your thoughts and we'll discuss...
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Hey man, i'm not a DJ but if there is enough interest in this i'd be willing to volunteer my services to help, as meditation and sacred geometry interests me deeply.

Keed me updated, if more people are interested.
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I'll be in brisbane for a month in mid june/july so I'm keen to hear some Aus djs do their thing! I love outdoor venues and I can donate ballons, paint, bubbles, whatever is needed. Once you have designed some flyers, send them my way and I can drop those around.

cheers to you for putting together an event!
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Hey mate I'd be well keen??!! I'd be happy to help set up as well if you would like.

What are the details? Send me an email.
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Any updates on this? I'm keen to head to an event :)
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