CIA, Channel Immasom Alliance Finally Has Demo TV

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IMMASOM Intuanuan March Magnificently As Systematic Operational Manichee


People have been talking about demo tv for decades long before youtube or other fancy graphics appeared on computers, in days gone by & still in these days & hopefully for many years into the future the demoscene has stamped its way into computer immortality. Using complex discrete mathamatics computer programmers are able to push the limits of computational power & produce awe inspiring display hacks.

Note the demoscene was around before youtube or googlevid & even the internet, its a shame you cant embed a display link into webforums like you can with youtube or googlevid

What makes the Demoscene stand out from the rest is that computer generated music was blended with computer generated graphics. Three types of ppl make a demo work.

[1] coders
[2] graphicians
[3] musicians

And many old demo group groupies now work with mathematicians, scientists & engineers to create EEA Exploratory Engineering Applications

[1] coders
[2] graphicians
[3] musicians
[4] mathematicians
[5] scientists
[6] engineers

EEA Exploratory Engineering Applications are still esoteric but do provide humanity a possible alternative reality apart from the traditional highway to hell.





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