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Dj Chris Planet
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01.Damage / FunkyBeats
02.Scorb / Kakah Tooki
03.Icebreaker / Patron Of Pot
04.Tenzing v N.R.S. / Robot O Me
05.RAM / Liquid Lunch
06.Broken toy / Absolutely(Scorb rmx
07.Scorb / Phibian
08.F.E.G. v N.R.S. / Unbreakable
09.NRS / Resurge

At last the much anticipated new UK label"Last Possible Solution" run by Paul from the critically acclaimed Ambivalent Records( ex Deviant Species,NRS and the much talked about RAM ) releases it's first compilation entitled "Unhinged" featuring 9 killer dance floor anthems that guarantee to reach places other compilations fail to go.

Damage start of proceedings with "Funky Beats", a hard electro romp through the maniac brain of Deon Damage. Funky Beats certainly lives up to its name, a very groovy futuristic tune. Next we have Scorb who is a name that needs no introduction, currently one of the top English producers who is currently in massive demand around the world for his exciting live sets. kakah Tooki , once again is a classic Scorb track full of his trademark lead lines. Icebreaker is the new project of Green Reefah (who has already enjoyed considerable attention from his colaberations with Rinkadink) and brand new very exciting artist Tenzing. Tenzing also collaberates with NRS on the grinding "Robot O me ", a relentless pulsing track with rolling drums and a crazy croaking riff at the end. RAM is the explosive combination of Scorb and NRS that have been tearing up dancefloors recently in Japan to massive response from the crowd and press alike, the track "liquid lunch" is a night time floor killer full of dark voices and obscure synth lines. Scorb remixes the beautifuly melodic Broken Toy's "Absolutely", a brainstorming piece of techno-trance that whips the dance floor into a far ou frenzy. Next we have Far East Ghost( a brand new Japanese dj) who together with NRS produce the very fresh sounding "Unbreakable" hard techno drums with an eerie vocal style make this a track that's sure to be played to death this winter. Last but not least we have NRS on his own doing the rolling alien frequencie thing he is so good at. Resurge and gurgle. listen out for the mad singing monk that starts of the tune.

This album has been compiled with expert precision by Paul himself and Dj'd exclusively worldwide by Scorb . Unhinged is a chemically enhanced selection of the worlds leading luminaries of trance.

Also due for release 8th October "Kick Drum Inertia" the debut album by Nueral Rectifier System.
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