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Lukas Kandl "Chimera des profondeurs avance masque 2000"

at 10am myself and 2 of my friends tore up a small rectangle of paper that had part of one of the star trek crew's head on it and walked to the parramatta heritage centre.

I tried to get a catalogue but whilst they had the advertising up for it, the catalogues were not in stock. So unfortunatly I cant remember names of paintings or artists as i was expecting a catalgue to be there.

It was small and quiet with no people there. Perfect.

We started down one hallway and were greeted by some amazing art work. one had the pyramid with the all seeing eye mounted on a hand made wooden frame. very dark painting. walking down the hallway took us past many pencil or ink drawings (they seemed to be the media of choice for many of the artists in the exhibition) but one, by a japanese person called Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa really caught my eye. it was small, about 10 inches by 5 inches, oil on canvas i think. it was jesus crucified on a cross, with the pillar of justice and mercy by his sides. it had a triangular shape made by the angle jesus was painted in and numerous other esoteric symbols were included in this painting. the wolves eyes seemed to be watching me as i walked past.

Going further down the hallway some amazing australian artists were displayed also, infact, these guys painted the only really "Happy" visionary art at this exhibition. most of it was pretty macabre and involved scenes from hell. guess that says something eh? The australian art that i remember was bright and psychedelic and full of imagary that brought a smile to the face.

One of my favourites was "the writer" an almost geigerish pencil-looking drawing of a "ghost writer" that really resonated with me. must of been the really wired dead look in the writers arms. Along with this artwork was alot of Ernst Fuchs work - man this guy is demented! pen/pencil drawing of great detail and twisted thoughts. He's really good. But, where were the gigers, the alex greys that i had come to see.


Ernst Fuchs (Austria) "Temptation of the Unicorn" 1952

walking into the main room i saw wht i thought was a geiger. It was a beautiful woman (what women isn't beautiful i say...) painted ina very geigerish style, but not by geiger. then out of the corner of my eye i spot a plaque with geigers name on it. the painting was a fucking line a canvas. whoop-te-fucking-doo. then i came upon this beauty :


Eli Tuinine (France) "Epiphany" 1991

You cant tell from that photo, but this artwork was glossy and shiny, an extreemly laborius method of painting. It's called something like "misque" technique. the finished effect shows no brush strokes. Amazing.

So i turn the corner and finally, a Geiger i recognise - i think it was called "Satans concubine 2". The walls around this painting had other geiger drawn pictures, one was of pinball machine people playing themselves. quite funny.

walking around the next room revealed the one alex grey print that they had - "ecstacy" really cool painting. but i wanted to see more alex grey, espcially if they were using his name to advertise the show.

We then left to get some food. suddenly, the walls start moving and things are really funny. walking through westfields parramatta was like being in a britteny film clip. So we went back to the exhibition and spent another 3 hours looking closely at the paintings.


Peter Gric (Austria) "Strange Apparition in the Sky"

I must say the whole place sprang to life. my favourite painting by hikaru revelaed so many more layers, and the angles that i looked on from revealed even more dimentions to it. Alex grey's ecstacy expaned from the painting to the whole room, but geigers work was quite stale.

in all, its worth going to see, but dont expect much geiger, or any of alex grey's well known peices. however, the artists that i liked the most, were the ones not mentioned on the main flier.

btw its free.



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Thanx for that Simon, I love this type of art..



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Was there on Sunday afternoon... realy enjoyed alot of the work, unfortunately not enough Giger and Grey, but the Austrian collective (Ernst Fuchs and his mentors +) made up for that nicely. I highly recommend it, as these types of exhibitions seem to be quiet rare, especialy ones that feature artists of this calibre.
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