Next Party - Tasty DJ Biscuits - Friday 26th June

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Greetings all.

RYZ in conjunction with Sideproject, Aztek Productions and Plus 1 are proud to present a night of minimal funk, tech goodness, smooth progressive and general awesomeness.

Tasty DJ Biscuits
Friday 26th June @ Krave Niteclub
Entry: $10 on the door

Artists and Set Times:

Main Stage:
9pm - Triskele (ambient/downtempo progressive)
10pm - Eukali (deep progressive house)
11:30pm - Incongruous (melodic progressive)
1am - Solsta (minimal electro tech)
2:30am - Ryz (deep house/tech house)
4am - Stefan Stonker (minimal)
5am - END

Back Room:
9pm - Beadrock Beats (house)
10pm - Kenna (breaks and baltimore)
11:30pm - Close? (live/lively progressive trance)
1am - C.L.I.Mate (live/lively minimal tech)
4am - Ugly Bunyip (progressive trance)
5am - END

Sound: In-house, industry standard Krave setup
Lighting: Huge show from Aztek Productions over two stages
Decor: Alex and Sideproject Crew
Mix CD: Ryz
Extras: Fruit platters, lollies, candles, incense.

This night is the first time we have operated at Krave so should be interesting. A number of fresh artists will be performing and some of the more established ones have been doing excellent work in recent times, so you definitely should be in for a treat.

Peace. :atom:
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sounds good!
thank god for exams being over by then!

will dj biscuits be supplied or is it BYO? hahah :bounce: :killah: :bounce:
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haha excellent name!

shame its on a night already filled with commitments.. gotta get down to canberra for some craziness again soon!

hope its an awesome night.. :D
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Yay, more partying. :bounce:

So... have they sorted out the speakers there?
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Where's krave at? i'm in canberra this weekend will try and come along :bonfire:
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Josie I will send you details on Facebook.
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sweet, thanks shane
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