Merkaba - The Thirteenth Step (Zenon Digital)

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sensient tim
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From the depths of a valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia comes Merkaba, a deep progressive project from Elliot Wilmot. From jamming out as a drummer to spinning hip hop and breakbeats for 6 years Elliot has always had a healthy relationship with music. In 2004 he decided to have a go at making his own deliciously phat beats, however, it wasn't until Jan 2007 when he found himself barefoot in the Aussie bush in front of some monster speaker stacks that he realized his ultimate musical direction. The Doof had changed him forever! With a focus on positive and healing vibrations Merkaba combines deep basslines with lush melodies, tribal percussion and a focus on an overall 'organic' sound. Prepare for a vibrational journey that connects the mind, heart, body, and dancefloor!


1. The Thirteenth Step

2. A Green Shade of Deep

3. Dreamscape

4. Our Place in Space

Exclusive to Beatport...out now!!! ... nth%20Step
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Quality !!!!
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Nice work Elliot!!

My favourite release of 2009
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Got it! It's fantastic - awesome tunage! :D
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:killah: :killah:
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this is really awesome. i met Elliot in 2007...hey i wonder if that was 'the doof'? and now look at what he's up to! :atom:

but if the music thing doesn't work out you could alway have a stall at doofs and sell

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