Journeys: Adam's 28th birthday party

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The Journey's concept involves a limited number of artists playing extended sets to captivate the attention of the audience through high emotion, meaning and creativity. This concept extends back to early psychedelic parties on the island of Goa, where the DJ operated like a shaman who took punters on a spiritual journey throughout the night and into the next day.

At Journeys, two artists playing extended sets of 4 hours each will attempt to create the conditions required for people to achieve a higher state of consciousness known as flow. Achievement of the state will be facilitated through integrated 5-sensory immersion.

The state of flow is characterised by the following:

1. It tends to occur when you are engaged in a challenging activity which requires skills and thought.
2. Action and awareness merge
3. Absorption and immersion is total
4. Self-consciousness is lost
5. The experience of time transforms

8pm - 12am - Eukali

Eukali is one of the leading ambient/progressive artists in the Canberra region. He is equally at home in the studio as he is performing in front of a large audience. His sound is diverse, flowing, well-programmed and emotional, ranging from earthly and atmospheric soundscapes to dub, to tribal beats and breaks, flowing and uplifting progressive and up to a darker and driving progressive trance. He seamlessly blends tracks into one another to create optimal conditions for hypnotic trance and flow on the dancefloor.

12am - 4am - Incongruous

My sound has stepped up in intensity over the past year, moving from a melodic tribal progressive groove into a more powerful and driving morning progressive trance and morning full-on sound. Still with high flow and a tendency to "mix to the drop" to keep the dancefloor moving. Over the past six months, I have researched over 1000 releases to bring you what I consider to be the absolute best from the world of psy-trance. The tracks I play will be aligned to the visuals to create a powerful spiritual and conspiracy narrative to foster extended and unbroken trance, deep thought and flow.

Sound - Will be an ambient, progressive, progressive trance and psychedelic journey.

Visuals - Lasers, strobes and ambient lighting will be controlled by the artists in time to the music from the front desk. Powerful imagery organised by the artists and designed to stimulate thought will be shown using laptops, projectors and projector screens.

Smell - Will be systematically controlled by the two artists. Different smells will correspond to different sounds and visuals.

Touch - The selective use of wind, as well as smooth and rough objects will be passed around to stimulate your tactile sense perception.

Taste - A wide range of exotic fruit, berries and flavours will be provided.

Sound System: Servants of Sound
Lighting: Aztek Productions
Decor: Alex and Sideproject crew

Hope to see you there for the experience.
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this is going to be fantastic!
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