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❁~Happy Sound & friends present SPRINGLOADED~Oct 22-23rd 2011~❁

Join us for a psychedelic spring weekend under the sun and stars in SeQld and enjoy some of the most talented producers and djs this country has to offer with 8 international guest acts to make this celebration one to remember!
Tickets on sale now: info at the bottom of the page!

❁ 2 nights of live music & djs from around the globe
❁ Illuminations & lighting by Cenobite & Treeluminatii & friends
❁ Geodesic dome stage & interactive decor by Spiral Harmonics
❁ Live visual arts, firetwirling and other performers
❁ Food stalls, café & chill lounge
❁ Solid security & first aid

The lineup so far..

International artists:

GIL DAGAN + NITRO {Live} Digital Nature/Dooflex Recs - ISRAEL

Gil Dagan was born in 1982, and raised in Hertzelia and Karcur, Israel. He started his musical path by playing African drums, and got into trance music at the age of 18, which was also when he started to attend psychedelic trance parties. He started making his own music after being a partner of Yaniv (U-Recken) in Tel Aviv at 2003, and started Dj-ing in 2002. Gils style is psychedelic, full on, groovy, influenced by drum and bass and can be distinguished by his breaks and his basses. His debut albom RAINFOREST CULTURE (http://www.psyshop.com/sho​p/CDs/dfx/dfx1cd007.html) was out by DOOFLEX in july 2008. Nitro also has a side project with Dima (I-Drop) by the name NitroDrop, and they are working on their debut album to be released on Dooflex Recs.

Gil has also been busy crafting his new breed of progressive trance and psychedelic tech to unleash on our shores this Spring. After a short time he started a new techno project, got an Ep out in 2009 on Con-Takt Music from Austria and is working now on few Eps and an album that will be released with Digital Nature Records soon.

Monkey Dub/Communique/Intellegeni​x/Sundance/Lick The Wrap Recs – CANADA

Cultivating a unique signature style built over the last decade and applied over multiple genres and projects, Chris Komus is a multi-talented and eclectic electronic music producer from Winnipeg, Canada. He focuses on symphonic cinematic dark brooding dubstep (With releases on Lick The Wrap Records, and upcoming releases on Monkey Dub Recordings and Intellegenix Records), and glitchy esoteric tech-house and everything in between (with a release on Communique Records). As his psychedelic alter-ego, Lo Progression, the focus is on melodic melancholic driving progressive psytrance.

The past year has proven to be a busy year with the dubstep release “Burn Down The Plywood Empire” peaking in Juno Download’s Dubstep Top 200 from Lick The Wrap Records, an EP release as Komus & Ridley (A collaboration with Alex Ridley) on renowned techno label Communique Records, as well as upcoming releases on Monkey Dub Recordings and Intellegenix Records. On top of nearly biweekly gigs in Winnipeg, this past year he’s performed both Live PA and DJ sets in Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, with Motion Notion 2010 (AB) and Entheos Gathering 2010 (BC) on the summer festival circuit.

He has opened for artists such as Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Vibe Tribe, Beats Antique, Deedrah, Sensient, Excision, Datsik, and Ill.Gates.
Chris Komus is also involved in pushing the psychedelic and dubstep sounds as co-promoter and resident DJ of BassFace Productions and Winnipeg Psychedelic Productions, the premier crews in Winnipeg currently promoting dubstep and psychedelic trance.

TRYAMBAKA {Live} Bhooteshwara/1FT Groove/Spectral Recs - PORTUGAL

Tiago Coelho Pimentel has a connection with music since his childhood. The first contact was with classical music, but it would be the power of electronic music that would influence his artistic culture at psychedelic parties. Discovering trance lead Tryambaka to producing intense sounds marked by a nocturnal and unique style. Since then the challenge is at his finger tips, adopting one of the many names given to the Hindu god Shiva meaning the one who sees through the third eye, a vision that promotes union such as the music he represents.

An established artist in the psytrance genre, Tryambaka has been released numerous times with various labels, but his Replenishing Roots compilation marks his debut release with One Foot Groove. A collection of remixes from artists all around the world, the album is Tryambaka's way of recognising the stellar work done over the past few years by other acts. While the character of the original tracks is still present, Tryambaka has given each of them his own flavour, making this album undeniably Tryambaka, and undeniably psytrance. http://www.saikosounds.com​/english/display_release.a​sp?id=8586


Abomination are: Saar Davidov (28) a talented Dj and Producer and Eyal Gershon (29) an experienced musician dominating a wide selection of musical instruments including Guitar, Keyboard and Drums.

This highly experienced team hold under their belts numerous amount of tracks released on Various artists compilations through practically all of the respected labels dealing with hard, kicking Psychedelic trance music, including: Nexus Media, 3D Vision, Acidance, Nutek, Mechanik Sound, Doof, Timecode, Digital Psionics, Yabai, Beyond Logic, Spectral, Reckless Rhythm, Apocalypse, Rudraksh and the list goes on and on...

Since the release of their successful debut album, "Enemy Within" (Nexus Media 2006), and their second studio album "Planet-X" (3Dvision 2009) the Abomination sound has been infecting masses of party enthusiastics all over the globe, placing Abomination in the forefront of the international circuit.

Abomination have toured the globe heavily, presenting & promoting their highly articulate innovative sound. Abomination have collaborated with top international producers including heavy-rollers such as: Azax Syndrom, Shift, Slug, Shiva Joerg, Toxic, Painkiller, Phyx and Outer Signal. Abomination are currently working on an EP that will be released in Mechanik Records which will showcase the old and the new , more info coming soon....

MORHPHATRIX / CHROMATONE - Vaporvent/Nano Records - U.S.A

Lawrence Hoffman as Morphatrix/Morphonix, aka Chromatone (Nano Recs), blends aspects from a wide spectrum of styles to manifest a captivating spirit journey, haunted by the serene voice of Irina Mikhailova. His 'Off the Grid' album is a divination of music and should be heralded as a genre melting masterpiece. Luscious and dreamy atmospherics soar over a mountainous landscape of buoyant bass lines. Gargantuan grooves and playful percussions dance within majestic melodies and swirling psychedelics. Listeners will find themselves more enchanted with every play of this futuristic album. Morphonix/Morphatrix blends progressive electro, trance, breakbeat, dub, chill, and we are pretty dang excited..

EROTIC DREAM {Live} Uxmal Recordings - BRAZIL

Guilherme Felipe is a twenty-seven Brazilian born e-music producer Erotic Dream. In 2005, he went to Belo Horizonte and worked in the best music studio of that city. One year later, back in Brasilia and more experienced, he met his old friend Rodrigo – Erotic Dream Live was then born. After years working together the two parted ways, with Guilherme moving to Australia to study Audio Engineering and raise his skills on music production.
Erotic Dream has played premier e-music events at home in Brazil, the biggest trance festival of South America; Universo Paralelo in 2009 and 2010, across the world, and now, in Australian fields, the project has made an excellent network and has been playing in the most renowned gigs. Erotic Dream is proud to now be on Mexican Label, Uxmal Records, and what you can expect is lots of new releases, more quality and a renewed music feeling.


Local artists:

TERRAFRACTYL {Live} Vertigo/UP Records - Vic

Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia. He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love. It was called Goa-trance.

He has perormed at all of the major festivals in Australia, including Rainbow Serpent festival, Tribeadelic, Cairns Winter solstice, Dragon Dreaming Festival etc etc .and has been in constant demand for the past 3 years all around the country to play at parties of all shapes and sizes. Most recently Felix played at festivals for Vertigo records in Russia and Ukraine, and is soon leaving for a tour of India and South Africa. His Debut album was released on Sundance Records in April last year and He has released tracks on compilations for 5 labels around the world including Sundance, Vertigo, Adapted, Regen, and Psynuematix records. He also has upcoming releases on Psylife Music, Sundance and Up records. Recently Felix released a full length downbeat album Mental Extensions 'Inner Reality' and a IDM EP Hypnagog 'Dreaming in Pieces', both on UP records, and is hard at work finishing the next Hypnagog EP and the Second Terrafractyl Album 'Electronic Evolution' to be released soon on Vertigo Records.

ALGENON aka POSITIVE THOUGHT {Live} Open Records - Vic

Algenon aka Positive Thought, Jeremy Pritchard, Yeti or Mustard Tiger is Algernon Renton from Limpenwood in far Nth NSW. Algernon started producing electronic music in 2003, forming half of the Electroholics duo, and in 2006 made his debut release. In 2009 he released his Positive Thought album, This is Not a Workshop, on UP Records and has been featured on compilations by such labels as Sundance, Dooflex, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Regen records. Alg has been a regular act at such festivals as Cairns Winter Solstice, Tribeadelic gathering, Rainbow Serpent, and Bent Perception just to name a few, and has collaborated with artists such as Nitro, and is a vital part of the Free Standing Pickles project with Marty Launchpad and Felix Greenless aka Terrafractyl.

Recently signed to Open Records, Algenon is this solo side-project fitting more into the minimal psychedelic tech genre than anything else, but again, the tunes are truly original and speak for themselves! Check out the Expansion Pack compilation by Woodsman to get a sample now - http://www.psyshop.com/sho​p/CDs/opn/opn2cd003.html

BLUNT INSTRUMENT {Live} Simplify/Muti Music/Mambo/Ender Recs - QLD

A 5 minute lesson in beat mixing on a small farm in Northern New South Wales was the catalyst for 5 years of sharing a musical brain that has culminated into the production duo of Blunt Instrument. Fueled by an addiction to the early ninja tune catalog the production style of Blunt Instrument began as sample based instrumental hip hop, drawing inspiration from pioneers like DJ Food and the ubiquitous DJ Shadow, along with artists from the classic mid 90’s era of rap like A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jungle Brothers and so many others. Like any good addiction, a desire for more has pushed Blunt Instrument forward in new directions, searching the most innovative production techniques, the freshest beats, the most unique sounds and the heaviest bass – Amon Tobin, Tipper, Bassnectar and a sound called glitch-hop was their new destination of choice.

TANTRUM {Live} Digital Psionics/Nexus Media - NSW

Tantrum is DJ/producer Alex Richardson from Byron Bay, a new psionic star playing massive sets around Australia. Alex first discovered his passion for electronic music, and psytrance in particular in 2000 after being introduced to outdoor doof parties in the hills surrounding Byron. After a few years of attending these parties Alex’s interest in party production and DJing started to take hold.
In the summer of 2002 along with several friends he created Loony Tunez Productions & began holding parties across Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, hosting some of Australia’s and the world’s finest producers and DJs. It was at these parties that Tantrum began to DJ more and more, feeding his passion to continue his journey into the doof world. 2008 saw the release of his first production "Psibreed" written in collaboration with Dark Nebula and released on Dark Nebula and Psywalker’s hallowed Byron Bay-based Digital Psionics psytrance label, followed by several tracks on the same label in 2009 including a collaboration with Swiss label-mate Electrypnose.
Tantrum recently compiled and released the Psionic Force (Digital Psionics) compilation album, which includes the tracks he collaborated on with Electrypnose & Dark Nebula, and is about to release a four track E.P. of his own work on Digital Psionics for which this will be the launch party. Alex is also currently compiling and mixing the upcoming Digital Psionics compilation album Psionic Tales 3, so keep your ears out for that!

ED MOTIVE - Open/Zenon Records - Vic

A well respected Aussie DJ for nearly 10 yrs - featuring at almost every major party and festival in the country such as Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, Cairns Winter Solstice and Maya Festival - Ed Motive has just made his entry onto the production scene with his debut track “Dusty Nostrils” topping the Beatport Charts at Number # 4 within a week of being released!

While this track was released on a minimal/tech compilation for the legendary Aussie prog trance label, Zenon Records, Ed Motive is more widely know for being an integral part of the Australian progressive techno/house/minimal label Open Records.

Ed Motive’s sets incorporate the essence of the progressive techno sound, searching for a massive vibe but with an emotive and dance floor focus. This is crafted using a mix of his own tracks along with the freshest on offer from Open Records and around the world.

Look out for new tracks coming on Open Records and another on EPP Records very soon…

MOLECULE - UP Records - WA

It was while growing up in Far North Queensland that Molecule (Tye) was first introduced to psychedelic trance, and he soon found himself dancing in the rainforest every other weekend. After moving to Western Australia in 2003, he quickly found the psychedelic trance scene in Perth and has never looked back. He first started djing at friends house parties in 2004, and eventually found himself playing in clubs and at outdoor trance parties. In 2005 he joined forces with a friend to form the Mad Monkey Society, who have been at the forefront of the Perth outdoor psychedelic trance scene ever since. Molecule’s sets can only be described as a mash of crazy psychedelic soundscapes, soothing melodies, bleeps, bloops, squiggles, twangs and the occasional childrens song. Whether you are up for a psychedelic rebirthing, dancing around like a monkey or just a good laugh... Molecule is sure to Deliver.

Prepare to be unprepared!

SHORT CIRCUIT {Live} Bio-Sine Records - NNSW

Short Circuit is Jerome Canabou, a local boy to the North Coast of NSW. Featured on the UP Records Angelic and Bio-Sine Records Cloud Catcher, Jerome sunk his roots in early with a tropical, yet staunch, northern nsw vibe, blistering melodies and the like.. He has been soaking up the psychedelic magic the area breeds for many years now, echoing the energy of the region in his music ~ his new shift and sound, described as morning power; delving through deep progressive sounds, rhythms, and with an uplifting drive to his tracks, has been crafted for gettin ya boogieman rumble on n will leave you hecklin for more of this bright spark!

TIMEFRAME {Live} 3rd Eye/Twizted Lotus Records - NNSW

At age 15 Benny Knight was first exposed to the psychedelic culture. After Bonding to the psychedelic lifestyle like a mother to her newborn, he began his musical journey; djing at small parties around NNSW and SeQld.

This fed his addiction to melody and after delving deeper into the realms of time, space and sound, Timeframe, the melodic brainchild of Benny, was spawned in the black holes of the milky way, expelling unmeasurable funk and epiphany inducing psychedelic rhythms to create a truly unique sonic adventure!

WEBLET {Live} Adapted/Another Psyde Recs - QLD http://www.facebook.com/pages/Web​let/126368864101175

Weblet started using the fruities... about 6 years ago until a good mate inspired Him to actually finish a track. So the last 4 years he's been writing beats on and off, plug-in away in the studio to come up with a sound he and the people enjoy. After He got a few releases on local Aussie compilations and tested new tracks at local parties, He really started to get a feel for the sound He wanted to get out there And After Traveling the globe for a year Creating new sounds and idea's along the way He Came up with a more down beat and playful 135-138 bpm style of psy/electro funk'd hybrid gear.

He Strives on the use of sharp clean percussion's, rough, grindy but solid baselines And bold and surrounding sound scapes to create a very large unique funked up groove.

SOLARPLEX {Live} 3l3m3ntal/Solar Recordings - NNSW

Solar Plex is 21yr old Ryan Findlay and 22yr old Sam Cross, hailing from the highly cultural region of far northern NSW. After sculpting their style for several years, they have developed a unique sound, incorporating solid bottom end rhythms with lush, multi-layered soundscapes. Setting themselves amongst other examples of well thought out, emotionally expansive electronic music producers, Solar Plex will lead you into a deep abyss of thought & feeling, while simultaneously bathing you in vibrant energy.
Known for their SYS project (http://www.myspace.com/sys​liveact), Sam (Critical Mass http://www.myspace.com/cri​ticalmassliveact) and Ryan (KLOAK http://www.myspace.com/klo​akryanfindlay) have been regular highlights of Mardigrass and Earthdance parties, as well as playing a bunch of other local gigs, promoting parties and events for a number of years, as well as recently debuting their Solar Plex project at Cairns Winter Solstice 2010 and other tribal celebrations..

NAMARRKON {Live} Highly Evolved Records - QLD
Namarrkon is the project of Brian Winter and the storm spirit sacred to the people of Arnhem Land. After sifting through many genres of music Brian’s hunger was finally satisfied when he was introduced to the sweet sounds of psychedelica at the start of millennia. With this his creative musical journey began, drawing inspiration from great artists such as Logic Bomb, Fatali and Protoculture. When producing music Brian feels connected to the land. He draws from the vibrations of the earth creating vast dynamics like that of a storm. The calm, the swelling of the clouds, then moving through the forces of nature; wind, thunder, lightning and rain and finally the feeling of cleansing & rebirth after it has passed. This project is a musical journey into the spaciousness of a sonic soundscape, creating a smooth driving flow, with combinations of many colours and textures. It’s an exploration of how sounds harmonize and react in complex rhythms and patterning. It could best be describes as complexity within subtlety. Namarrkon is sure to get your booty shaking and hopefully a smile aswell.

WORMHOLE {LIVELY} Twizted Lotus Records - NNSW

William Solomon (a.k.a-Wormhole) was introduced to the world of psy in 2007, and he started producing his own psy trance 1 year later. His unique style combines deep emotional soundscapes with clean and melodic leads, all tied together with thumpin basslines.

Benny Knight-(Timeframe), has been his biggest influence over the last few years, showing him the ropes on Fl studio 8. In 2011 Will started branchin out, writing music with other artists such as "Solarplex", "Beatrix", "Creten" and "Multiverse", which has guided him to the sound you hear today. In 2010, Will and Coby 'BioAcoustic' Watson, formed the 'Project Code: Acid Dolphin' project, uniting the sea and the earth with solid basslines and twisted psychedelic dolphin acoustics.

DELICORISH/FACE INVADA {Live} - Praxis/Twizted Lotus Records -QLD

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia 22 year old Joel Raiti is FACE INVADA...
Having always loved broken breaks Joel frequently represents breaks and funky hip hop in his dj sets. However in late 2010 he began producing music that was more influenced by the growing UK DUBSTEP and west coast bass music scene under the moniker FACE INVADA.

These beats are heavily influenced by the sounds of grime and have sometimes an edgy booty shaking crunk vibe.
Joel also has another project that is an eclectic mix of ambient, glitch, drum n bass and minimal techno which you can listen to here http://soundcloud.com/Deli​corish

CRAZY DAYLIGHT {Live} - Independent - QLD

Crazy Daylight's sets are a real musical performance using keyboards, drum pads, vocals and glitch modules. In a scene where the word live is meagrely used to describe djs triggering a few clips in Ableton and tweaking a few effect knobs, crazy daylight is setting the standard for real live performance. This said, the sounds are a distant leap from the mellow and organic sounds of many live performers in the electronic realm such as the bird or wild marmalade. This is seriously, funked up electronic music with dynamic bass lines, glitched out vocals and a twisted mash of melodic and heavy dancefloor grooves.
With styles ranging from electro, glitch hop, dub step and crunk there is also a strong pop influence in the music.Each song has a journey of its own as does each set with faced paced changes and sonic diversity always keeping it fresh.

MESQ - Vertigo Records / Gi'iwa Productions - QLD

The Reality Pixie project has been cultured and cured in the laboratory since 2003 resulting in a manic yet melodic blend of seriously psillycybin sounds that draws inspiration from a diverse decoction of magick,music and mythology.

The conduit for this musical experiment is “Mesq” from Brisbane, Australia. A musician for most of his life, Mesq has played drums in punk bands, performed solo acoustic works and studied classical voice over the years. With a keen interest in ecstatic trance and shamanism, Mesq found the Psychedelic Trance party a perfect medium to exorcise his creative aspect.

As a composer and DJ for Gi’iwa Productions and Vertigo Records Reality Pixie has performed at festivals and forest parties all around Australia, earning a solid reputation for his energy behind the decks and his tendency for emotional psychedelic journeys.

BLATWAX {LIVE} Deep Space/UP Records - QLD

Blatwax is Blajke Eyles, a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist/prod​ucer based in Brisbane. Resident dj/promoter for Deep Space Entertainment and founding member of Elastic (Melting Moments), Blajke has spent the last year concentrating his efforts on promoting psychedelic music events and djing full-on night time psy.

Recently, due to a fried brain and a giant metaphorical chill-pill, Blajke has begun taking sound design much more seriously... leading to the current manifestation of Blatwax. Focusing on twisted oriental melodies and crunchy, off kilter basslines, Blatwax brings an intelligent slant on Psychedelic Glitch/Dubstep/Breaks with politically incorrect humor and spiritually bewildering samples. Blatwax's debut EP will be out very soon on UP Records as well as a track on the upcoming MoistLab V/A "The Dampening"

KILYEN {LIVELY} Independent - Syd/NSW

MOISTA CLOISTA - SixBux Productions - QLD

Moista Cloista is a psychoacoustic science experiment gone wrong, brought to life in an underwater lab somewhere in the post apocalyptic swamps of Shanti Town by the hideously deformed and slightly insane Dr. Lawnsnail... After a falling out with Dr. Lawnsnail about the natives involuntary flatulence and nipple retraction caused by prolonged exposure to the Cloista's low end frequency experiments, and deciding Shanti Town was way too shanti, Moista Cloista left home with his box of moist, heinous post-apocalyptic sledgestep to cause flatulence, nipple retraction and mayhem elsewhere. Moista Cloista was last seen cranking the steza and experimenting with flatulent basslines and wonky dub inspired beats along side Artists and Dj's such as:
An-ten-Nae (USA), Tipper (UK), iLL Gates (CAN), Bar 9 (UK), Dov (USA), Doctor P (UK), Propa Tingz (USA), Babylon System (USA), Circuit Bent (OZ), Grouch (NZ), Spoonbill (OZ) and many more.

FARFETCH'D - Independent - QLD

FRANNY - Demon Tea/Sundance Records - NSW

BROKEN XPRESSIONZ - Chunk Junky/Deep Space - QLD

BEADS vs VERTICAL TRANSPORT - Independent/Deep Space - QLD

DERANGED vs GLACIAL - Terror Lab Industries / MMD Records - NSW/VIC

+ more to be announced!!

Jabberwocky - Vic
vdmoKstati - Cairns
Worlds Kaleid - NSW

This event will be held at a private outdoor venue 1.5hrs from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, and 2 hours from Byron Bay or Lismore. The site has plenty of space for camping and parking, as well as toilets only a short stroll from the dancefloor and camping areas.

Only 500 tickets available!
50 Early Bird tickets @ $40 are now available & selling fast through Eventarc - https://springloaded.event​arc.com/2689
200 General presale tickets @ $50 also on Eventarc now.
250 Final round @ $60 online or @ the gate if not sold out.

Payment via credit card, bank deposit or your Paypal account is simple, safe & fast, with Paypal verifying all ticket payments.

We are still taking artist applications and encourage you to get involved. Stall holders, performers, visual artists and creative creatures of all crafts should contact Ariel or Damien through facebook or at happysoundproductions@gmai​l.com

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heaps more added - still 1 more international guest act TBA and our surprise sunday night menu :mrgreen:
Deep Space
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day_tripper wrote :
heaps more added - still 1 more international guest act TBA and our surprise sunday night menu :mrgreen:

Sweeeet bro, Cant wait..!

This is gonna be SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK maan..! :bounce: :bonfire: :bounce:
Captain Coconut
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I can't wait either!

Just one question: where exactly is this going to take place?

I'm planning a motorcycle ride around getting there, so the sooner I can get an address the better.

Anyone else coming from Brissy on 2 wheels? Would love to make a group ride of it.


Capt. Coconut
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Captain Coconut wrote :
I can't wait either!

Just one question: where exactly is this going to take place?

2hrs from Brisbane near Boonah if all goes to plan :killah: :bounce:
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Early bird ticket sales end this coming Monday at midnight!!

Honestly, who wouldnt wanna score $40 tickets for this lineup and gathering??? :wink:

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