Predestinated the Son of God in affects

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In the opening lines of his letter to the Christians of Rome, Saint Paul the Apostle claimed to have been 'predestinated the Son of God in power, according to the spirit of sanctification, by the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead' (Romans 1:4). Without denying the eternal sufficiency of the Word contained in that passage, one that fails to explicitly raise the glory of our Lord's resurrection beyond such as can be achieved by knowing dark artists, I would like to deliver up to my brothers a superior spiritual endowment belonging to the most knowing Christians and heralded by the spirit of sanctification which blesses the ascendant angelic host ministering over life in the temporal, being that of Son of God in affects. There are no future blessings of a higher order than those which come into being when the omniscient hand of God moves to bestow upon an individual the most blessed fate known to man, such that one is predestinated to become like to the Son of God in one's affects. The spiritual endowment subsequently produced is most proximate to that of our Lord Jesus Christ and rightfully belongs to the most knowing and otherwise worthy saints of the truth.
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venatrix wrote :

The tag team of Christian Nielsen and Wade Benedict Dominus Spiritus Bacchus Delirious Shekinah are back to shit their own special brand of Jesus all over the place.

Nonsense. This person is in incredible error (heresy if you will). I adhere to nought of his vain utterances. Nor will I refute him. Nor will I even read it; I only looked into this thread because I saw Venatrix's (Huntress') name and I had a feeling that she would say something about me or at least mention me. He is making up his own "Christianity". He would not listen to sound Doctrine before, nor now. His very concepts just compound his psychological problems and confusion. I am not aligned with this, and never have been for I am a traditional Roman Catholic, and I will not give the Gospel Truth to those on here who have not received the antecedant grace to receive it; I'm sick of providing people with opportunities to offend their Creator, to heap sin upon sin through blasphemy and all manner of profanity. I am on here about music, empirical science and natural health. I have learnt that people hate the Truth (Reality, Dogma & objective morality), so I leave the supernatural and Divine Revelation/Sacred Doctrine, sacred Theology, and the science of Christian perfection for those who may pm me or speak to me in person; whether to ask questions or express their disdain or disgust or condescension or patronizing proud atheistic claims, or their pagan sentiments or their hatred that they have in their souls toward their perception of the reality of God and of His Church.

There will never be another thread from me about Holy Religion, nor will I crush other peoples vain personal philosophies, Eastern occultism, Protestant heresies, or as Dominic utters - their own make-believe "Christianity" (it is just this sort of thing, and what Protestants utter, that have poisoned true Christianity (the only true Religion) in the minds of much of the human race). There is a whole repertoire, a whole plethora, of my old posts and replies that one can investigate if they want (by the user names Terribilita, Grand Inquisitor, Exsufflation and Azarias).

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