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“Enjoy People” is the debut album of Grenoble producer Lakay from Hadra Records. Lakay has been heavily influenced by his many encounters and collaborations in France and Europe to create this innovative world-electro project.

Jazz trumpet meets the mystic sonorities of the Thai seung and the prowess of modern machines while the calm, captivating melodies of ambient and dub meet the rapid, powerful rhythms of dubstep and jungle…with an underlying touch of jazz. This is the accomplishment of a highly skilled artist.

“Enjoy People”, produced in collaboration with Salamah Productions and recorded and mastered at the Jarring Effects studios, is the impressive achievement of an astonishing project.



Trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist, Lakay discovered electronic music around 2000 going to free parties. Influenced by traditional and underground musics, his live act is a trip into dub & dubstep, downtempo trance and psychedelic jungle beats. Electronic loops blend with jazz trumpet melodies, Thai seung and Spaniard guitar grooves for a rich and alive multi-cultural cross project. We strongly recommend to discover or re-discover this artist, without any moderation, on stage and now playing on Salamah Productions and Hadra Records.



1 LAKAY - Enjoy People  
2 LAKAY - Temple of Spirit  
3 LAKAY - Life like a Travel  
4 LAKAY - Chillom  
5 LAKAY - Dub is  
6 LAKAY - Shooting Babylon  
7 LAKAY - Fluid Vision
8 LAKAY - Reach the New World
9 LAKAY - Peace of Chiang May

Listen :

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